Elden Ring: 10 BIGGEST Changes

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From Software’s Elden Ring (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) will be fairly different compared to their previous games. Here’s why.
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  1. Its 2022 and soulsbourne players are only just now getting a dedicated jump button, fast travel, and proper hitboxes 😂 I'll never stop being amazed at how these basic PS2-looking games have such a cult fanbase

  2. I am SO ready for this game!! i cannot tell you how much i love the souls and souls born series games… and this might just too it off to be my favorite 😭😍 also love the video falcon!

  3. Cyberpunk 2077 ruined it for me in terms of having anticipation for a game. I no longer have the ability to get hyped for a game. Looking forward to this certainly. But not hyped.

  4. I wish the graphics were better lol it’s so funny because a lot of fans are trying hard to put out the idea that looks don’t matter and it’s all about the gameplay and I agree. But if I’m playing a game that looks last gen in new gen, it’s just not it. This game looks so similar to kingdom come deliverance but that’s because I’m a casual gamer lol so let’s hope it’s different

  5. There won't be a difficulty setting so I'm looking forward to getting stuck on the first enemy I run across 😫 usual FromSoftware stuff for me

  6. in what world were the hitboxes in any game in the series bad? they have literally been god tier since ds1, unless youre playing online. in which case sure it can be off. get a new number 3 or call it 9

  7. I haven’t bought a full price game at launch since GTA SA, I usually wait until a price drop but this game has me close making a full price purchase!

  8. I have Sekiro (PS5 was bogo at GameStop) never played it, never played a souls game so I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. But it sounds like you’re describing Skyrim 🙂

  9. Just from what I got my hands on with the net test even with a mid game build and locked to a small area this is shaping up to dethrone Ds3 and Bloodborn that I hold in the top tier of souls like games. And possibly might dethrone Skyrim as my favorite open world Rpg. I can't wait. And just think. At least on PC fter the game has been out and they release the few dlc I'm sure will come. The mods. If the mods in Ds3 can tell you anything this one will be spicy.

  10. I respect them alot but another team made another game which was and is the best open world game ever abd it is cald zelda botw.

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