Egypt Buffs, Imhotep & Thutmose Skills [full patch reveal] Rise of Kingdoms

YouTube video

We translated the vietnamese youtube channel to bring you the skills on Imhotep and Thutmose in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK). Thanks again to Greentree for the translation support!

— Chapters —
0:00 Egyptian Civilization Reveals
0:40 Imhotep Skills
4:57 Thutmose Skills
10:45 Civilization Bonuses
12:11 City Themes
15:14 Daily Login Rewards
16:24 Gilgamesh Jealousy
17:44 Those boots tho…




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  1. What do you think of the skills on these new commanders? BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, what about the jokes at the end of the video? 😂 <— join my discord, subscribe, and toss a like on the video to support the channel (100% F2P FRIENDLY )

  2. Lol his final skill should have a rare attack called Goddess flare and the animation is flares coming from the sky hitting enemies who in the circle

  3. It just came out, and they changed Cleopatra from a neutral commander with Rome's theme to and Egyptian one with the Egyptian theme

  4. Chisgule, I love your videos and I often find myself coming here for advice as I learn more about the game. Would you revisit your video on how to get the most value out of speed ups from 3 years ago? I have amassed a lot of them throughout the 6 months I’ve played this game and I want to use them wisely.

  5. So there still making epic garrison commanders seems kinda pointless honestly either way still love the commanders

  6. Doesn't it read two new "epic commanders" Imhotep and Thutmose III are now available in the Lilith email? 😅

  7. The cough tree will make the enemies sick and suffer damage overtime away from battle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Thutmose III will be the counter Richard needs in the early game, so he isn't the absolute best in that only 3 weeks window (🤣) and with a counter maybe people will save some sculptures for better commanders

  9. I just keep wondering why do you have to make this videos the mere fact that rok release the same in their official media,,and also your video is 19 mins of senseless talks while rok explain it very well in 3 mins,,, obviously your just dishing for profit and you sucks

  10. wait a second in the tuthmose screenshot,… there were two ceroli crisis commanders?? XD are they gonna add them next??

  11. i am disappointed beyond despair when you said there's a possibility he's on golden keys. I've just used 350 of mine 😂😭

  12. How do you feel about Spartans being added into the game if they ever thought about doing it Chris

  13. I'm vietnamese American. I have lived in Vietnam for the last 6 years. I can speak vietnamese but I couldn't read or write vietnamese. I used Google translation a lot. It's funny how Google translate it. I learned to speak both language at the same time as kid. Vietnamese is much harder than English. I have to adjust the translator a lot to find a word that makes sense in the translation.

  14. Once big player who has downsized game had gotten outta control crazy. Too many updates its like a job and one step foward to help low to free and 4 steps backwards. I have played alor games at 46 years old. This game is a money pit u spend or its not very fun .

  15. idk man that epic commander is crazy!! I love returning to the lake

    Also only thought I have is OMG it's really Boudicca! I didn't think it would be a peace keeper!!

  16. I was wondering , I hope someone who knows would reply back. but what would be a better city garrison? sun tzu and Herman or Sun Tzu and kusinoki?

  17. If this new legendary is available before kvk1, says goodbye to Richard, officially dumpster tier from the beginning now. Also to El-cid. This new legendary is better to Elcid and will be the new pair with YSG for kvk 1 I guess.
    So now in KvK1 there are 2 legendary cav, (1 of them is not f2p) 3 legendary infa and 3 legendary archer. early game Cav need some love.

  18. I know it doesn't matter, but I laughed so hard when I saw 1,5% boost for building and research, dang

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