Edge of Eternity Xbox Series X Gameplay [Optimized] [Xbox Game Pass]

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Edge of Eternity Xbox Series X Gameplay of this turn based fantasy JRPG that is similar to Final Fantasy but in an indie showcase …


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  1. This game is broken on Xbox right now. Towards end game you will have a battle at Tera Chalem and after the battle you get an endless black screen. It’s supposed to play a cutscene but it never loads. Many people in the reviews are complaining of the same thing. I did the battle 3 times and it’s game breaking. You just can’t proceed after that point.

  2. Annoying I did the quest and completed it. Why the fuk I can't call the cat. It said I can now. The mount isn't here. How did it pop up on your screen . Super annoying

  3. What do u use to record bro? I like the laid back video style that u have, found myself coming back here a bunch. Been collecting a lot and kinda have a craving to drop some videos or retro reviews. 👍🏻

  4. Unfortunately the combat is really boring and samey. The acting is not as terrible as i thought it might be but the graphics are a bit hit and miss. At times it can look really good but there is zero interaction with the environment which just looks weird for a detailed world. it's worth a go on Gamepass but i wouldn't buy it.

  5. If anyone wants this to feel like an older SNES era experience do not turn on save anywhere and just use the save points. Plus kick it up to hard for battle difficulty and turn off teleportation( aka fast travel).

    Been playing all this weekend and highly enjoying it as someone who is an older gamer in his forties that grow up playing these types of games. I would like to make another and in my opinion a better game comparison to Lost Odyssey on the 360.

    Liked the review/preview. Keep it up and enjoy the game everyone.

  6. played this all weekend on performance setting, I dont think its 1080p, its obviously not 4k but its higher than 1080p definitely

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