Edge of Eternity – PS5 Gameplay 4K 60FPS HDR (Performance Mode)

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Edge of Eternity – PS5 Gameplay 4K HDR 60FPS (Performance Mode)

This is some gameplay of Edge of Eternity on the PS5. The game has two modes but both feel like dynamic 4K and not native. The fps is also very inconsistent. It’s supposed to be 60 in Performance mode, but as you can see it can be choppy and drops frames a bit. There is no in game HDR settings. Just using the PS5 HDR settings. Enjoy!

►NOTE – Thanks to Jeff of Plan of Attack for the review code for the game!

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  1. This game deserves it! The mistake is to let it out in the hottest period of the year when they throw out stratospheric games! 12 people, I say 12 people made a little pearl. Don't believe the critics. The only real flaw are the animations not up to par. But the graphics of the landscapes and the music are at the top! The combat system is very fun and strategic enough and above all the story is incredibly dark and adult, not to mention the dialogues dubbed very well. Have the patience to overcome the first 5 hours of play because then it takes off and completely returns the golden times of final fantasy 10 and beyond. We hope Midgar studios will have a higher budget and staff in the future because they are very talented. Well done

  2. I can't change resolution on ps5. When I apply the new settings they always revert back and never actually change.

  3. Games does not have hdr. An no suto hdr on xbox. An in headphones everuthang has a "Hall effect to it….." it's not my headphones other games sound normal. Anybody else have these issues

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