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Greetings Indie Warriors and welcome to our review of Edge of Eternity on Playstation 5. Edge of Eternity is a JRPG from developer Midgar Studio. The console version of the game is published by PLUG IN DIGITAL LTD. Edge of Eternity is also available on Xbox consoles and PC. A cloud version will be available on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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“Wage epic turn-based battles as you follow Daryon and Selene on their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion in this grand tale of hope and sacrifice, created by a small team of passionate JRPG lovers.”


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  1. This game is BROKEN on Xbox! Do not buy! After the battle at Tera Chalem with just Selene and Ysaris the screen goes black after the xp screen! It’s sickening! After 30 plus hours or more you can’t even finish the game! It’s game breaking!! MANY people are complaining about this in the review section! Also it has so many bugs! You get stuck on rocks, fall through the ground and get stuck, it crashes about once every 2 hours, I have even seen text not translated from French to English.

  2. Tried it out after first playing a game with a combat system that felt kinda like this which was wild arms 4 and 5 and it’s just not it. I rather wait until half the price.

  3. This game is pretty good for what it is. Technical aside, it's plague with bad to straight up poorly design. The night/day cycle are neat, but completely unnecessary. There's so many instance where you have to fight in pitch black. No matter how you choose to approach the enemy, they will most likely surround your party. Which makes initiative attack utterly pointless. Worst offense is how long the game drags on with only 2 party members which made grid strategy almost non existent in the first 5 to 6 hours.

  4. How long of a game is it? Unfortunate the story/Characters aren’t great but glad the battle system is. I’m starting tonight

  5. It was on PC first. Now it’s nice to see it on consoles I can finally play it. I’m doing that now and it’s amazing so far!

  6. We (fiancee and I) just got this for our Series X and wow is it a fantastic game! It's so damn good we might have to get it for our PS5 as well. That way we don't have to share and can play whenever we want. Did you know you can ride giant cats?! 😉

  7. Whole intro sequence was kinda meh and I was afraid I would not like it but once you reach first village and first semi open area it becomes more interesting. Also enjoying battle system quite a bit. Its def indie title but its better than I was expecting.

    I have less than 6 hours so far and i had to reload save file twice because of gamebreaking bugs.

  8. I’ve been trying real hard to give this one a fair shot but man… the urge to put it down is becoming hard to resist.

  9. I think Yasunori Mitsuda just did 3 songs for the game. Maybe that's why it feels unbalanced. Still, Im gonna buy this amazing game as soon as possible

  10. I got it and heard about it from game pass and in having a very good time. It's a little rough around the edges but the combat is pretty nice. What exactly is the deal with it on Switch tho? Is it a cloud version? Is says it requires internet? Is that to just be able to play or just download it? Wouldn't see why it would need to be online all the time or a cloud game

  11. Yuck that looks GROSS on ps5, just get it on PC and play it smooth and at higher resolutions.. By the way, your takes kinda s*t guy girl dude lady. If yall play it, its worth it but buy on steam, its smooth as butter, high res and looks better.

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