Edge Of Eternity – Gameplay Showcase | PS5, PS4

YouTube video

Edge Of Eternity is on its way to PS4 and PS5, launching Feb. 10th.
Discover this grand open world adventure with music tracks from Yasunori Mitsuda and brand new Japanese voice over.


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  1. I'll be honest I really like the style and much better that they bring back the turn-based battle system it's the best there is in an rpg which nowadays doesn't exist anymore… but the empty space and size it has makes it look a little less flashy… but it looks interesting….keep it up

  2. Game is OK but need a little more life in it some birds and random animals to complement the open world could help and character costume change also would be nice will I guess I can't expect to much.

  3. What kind of edgy weeb would want a play in Japanese a game that isn't Japanese or even set in Japan… ? Y'all know this is a French game, right ?

  4. The game doesn't look bad at all, but the developers should really consider some small changes to the subtitles. The font in conjunction with their screen placement makes them barely legible.

  5. Thank you for the information which can switch voice language in the game! i am prefer to play in Japanese Voice~

  6. This is 100% better on PC. It has no frame drops, its higher resolution, tons of graphic options that arent on ps5 and it just looks and runs better.

  7. Ive been playing for a while, the combat is great but the overworld animations have been needing work and it needs polish over all..
    Did you see the animation when he jumped on the big cat? Sheesh 😐

  8. This has been one of the best RPG I played last year, I own it on Steam and was surprised about it, I am glad I have them a chance, best of luck on the console release.

  9. I had my eyes on this one a long time ago, but it was only on PC and you needed a strong rig to run it. Now though I’m grateful it’s coming to Consoles I have also. Guaranteed buy!

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