Earthbound for Switch LIVESTREAM Part 2

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Surprise of the day, both Earthbound AND Earthbound Beginnings are now available on the Nintendo Switch Online service as of the Nintendo Direct announcement a few days ago. I did just stream an Earthbound Marathon on New Year’s, but we need to celebrate Earthbound’s release on Switch! I’ll be showing off some tricks I know, and don’t be shy to ask me how to get through certain parts in Earthbound as I have the game mostly committed to memory. I also plan to get 7 of the Infamous 1/128 Items this playthrough. The Items being, Xterminator Spray, Sword of Kings, Magic Fry Pan, Broken Antenna, Gutsy Bat, Goddess Ribbon, and Star Pendant.

If you’re looking for more Earthbound content between streams, there is no shortage of it on my channel. Here are some Earthbound links you can check out!

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