Earthbound For Newcomers – What to Expect from Nintendo Switch Online

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After 5 years of Nintendo being weird about bringing Earthbound games to the Switch they finally caved and dropped Earthbound Beginnings and Mother 2 to the NES and SNES libraries meaning that they games are going to be available for free to over 30 million NSO subscribers who’ve never played them before. Seeing as how these games can be a lot to take in all at once I’ve taken it upon myself to give some advice on where newbs should start.

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  1. I love how the day after I post this video Nintendo adds Earthbound and Beginnings to the Switch. This is completely because of me so you're welcome.

    Fan Translated Games!

    Every Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Ranked from Good to Evil (DLC Included)

    Pinball Spinoffs!

    Instagram @CameronAllOneWord

  2. They’re both good. If you like JRPG’s. You’ll love this series. I was so happy to see them on my switch today.

  3. So how do I get this I just download the super NES ROM for switch for you know on the Nintendo site I mean tand then what just download the game or what

  4. Mother 1 is literally the only NES RPG I find enjoyable. Bit weird, though… that at least in Nintendo’s original translation, the characters live in actual America, but in Mother 2 (Earthbound), the characters mostly hail from… “Eagleland”. Is Mother 2 set after a Trump-like presidency, where “patriotism” crossed the line into “idiocracy”?

  5. I’m so pissed I put in like 15 hours making sure to call dad and save, I know I did because when I would die I would respawn and whatnot. I turned my switch off and go back and now I’m back at level three. Makes me not even want to work my way back

  6. This popped up in my recommendations, and even though I've played both EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings, I decided to give this a watch anyway…

    …Are you, like, Gamer Weird Al Yankovich?

  7. i play earthbound on my 2ds xl, and i'm at near the end of the game, the only thing i hate are those 1 in 128 drops, but i love everything else. like the story, an the main characters

  8. There's something about Earthbound that Undertale and other Earthbound inspired indie games just don't have. I know that's probably stupid to say, since just because it's inspired by it doesn't mean it's trying to BE it, it's its own thing and that's cool. But I dunno. It's like…I don't know how to put it.

  9. I recently started playing Earthbound on the SNES Classic since it was just kinda sitting around for a while, especially considering that at that point, the game wasn't on the NSO app yet. In all honesty, I'm probably going to continue my adventures on that console and finish it there instead of starting again on the Switch, even though the NSO app has the superior rewind features and portability factor. First reason, the menu music. Another reason, I just kinda like the vibe that the SNES Classic gives off, almost giving a true at-home console experience. It also has my favorite border option, being the giant speakers, while NSO has no border options.

    …Either that or I'm just trying to justify an $80 purchase I made years ago. I just think it's neat, aight? If I didn't have the SNES Classic, I would have been all-in with playing Earthbound on Switch. But since I already have this mini console, I just want to make the most out of it. The only big difference I can really tell between the two options are that the Switch's SNES wireless controller's d-pad is a little stiffer, which I'm not really a fan of, but I guess that's up to preference.

    Definitely will be trying out Earthbound Beginnings on the Switch's NES app, though! I was almost considering getting it for Wii U with the worse emulation until now. Whew!

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