Earthbound Beginnings Walkthrough – Part #01: Zombies in Your Neighborhood

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Welcome to EarthBound Beginnings! This is the first game in the Mother/EarthBound series, RPGs set in a modern day setting.

In this first part, we begin our adventure as Ninten, a young boy with psychic powers, as he begins his journey to investigate a mysterious crisis across the continent.

In this part we find the 1st Melody.

– Don’t go too far from home until Ninten has learned PSI Life Up α.
– Save up for a Wooden Bat at the Dept. Store. The extra levels and firepower will make the first parts of the game more manageable.
– Hamburgers are the best healing item for early in the game. For only $25, they heal about 50 HP.
– Once you’ve rescued Pippi, don’t return to the Mayor right away. You can have her help out with other things first.

All footage in the video is played, recorded and edited by me.
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  1. very excited to see how this one goes. I love the eartbound series, and this game is given the least amouint of attention and love 🙁

  2. ahh este juego lo acabe una sola vez y creo que con haberlo terminado esa ocasion fue suficiente, este titulo es como pokemon, solo que tu eres el pokemono y el mundo entero esta al asecho tuyo, aun veo pesadilas con esos barbots/starman con PK beam gamma

  3. Yoooo you're doing the Mother series!? That's awesome! I'm honestly really glad these games came out on Switch because that means a bunch of new people get to enjoy them. Two of my friends have already started playing EarthBound for the first time this week!

    0:40 *2015.
    1:17 He's always been Lloyd to me. Loid seems to be a more outdated spelling of the name from the early days of the EarthBound community.
    1:36 Fun fact, Ninten's canonical favorite food is prime-ribs. I didn't actually know that until fairly recently.
    3:49 Only a Mother game would have a first boss like this LOL.
    4:45 I am just finding out now that you can get this phone call before beating the doll. You learn something new every day I guess.
    8:15 I did not know that Strength and Wisdom boost your resistance against status ailments either! That's really interesting.
    12:15 "OK to eat it" Ya sure? It WAS in a present in the basement for who-knows-how long.
    14:52 Well THAT was an entertaining battle.
    15:19 Wouldn't that be a job better suited for the police?
    17:01 OOF! I didn't remember them hitting that hard either. Damn Wally!
    19:46 In the original Japanese version of the game these crows were smoking cigarettes. That was removed in the English version and the GBA port.
    21:40 That flower pot on the table has collision for some reason. Not really sure why.
    26:59 America
    28:25 Damn. Another death. Definitely don't wanna face those until you're a little higher-leveled.
    32:25 Mr. Bat is the most relatable character in the game.
    33:46 Heh, never really thought about that. There is ONE reasonable explanation I can think of for this but we haven't gotten to that part yet.
    35:38 Ironically this is the only Mother game where the Franklin Badge DOESN'T reflect lightning.
    39:09 Awww yeah, there's the song!

    Really looking forward to more of this, I might even play it again myself soon.

  4. Thank you for taking my request on playing this game. I’ve always wanted to see a professional play it on English and not speed run through the dialogue since it’s in Japanese

  5. Talk about a Trip down Memory lane I know one thing, this will be an interesting walkthrough, keep doing a wonderful job.

  6. I know this is off topic about earthbound, but I was binging your age of calamity playthrough and I was wondering if you had any plans for a botw playthrough. If not I understand since it would be asanine to go through all that game

  7. Everyone lets create a song about EarthBound Beginnings in the reply section.
    I'll start:
    Zombies in your neighborhood,
    Zombies in your neighborhood

  8. Had to drop this game. Its not bad its just the number of encounters is so ridiculous you cant play it without liking pain. You need to be drugged to play with no emulator speedups or cheats to reduce encounters.

  9. Oddly enough I've never beaten Earthbound but I have beaten it's 10 times more challenging older brother. This shall be interesting

  10. No joke, I’m watching all of this walkthrough and your eventual SNES Earthbound walkthrough before I even touch these games.

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