EarthBound 64 Recreation (Early Prototype)

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Check out this EarthBound 64 / Mother 3 recreation! The aim is to rebuild the entirety of the cancelled game’s scenario and battles into a playable, seamless state.

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  1. I remember someone saying they wanted to make a fan recreation of EB64 I always wondered if anyone would ever go through with it. Seeing this really makes me happy it looks amazing and I’d love to play it!

  2. This was really cool to see! I've been waiting for some kind of N64 Mother 3 recreation for a long time now. Even though this is still very early, it looks great!

  3. Honestly, out of all the Earthbound 64 recreations I've seen in the past 3 years, this is the one that I feel is the most accurate.

    I just love how soulful it looks.

  4. I'm trying to look up Mother 3: Fall of the Pig King Edition but I'm not finding anything. Could you put a link in the description for people who want to check it out?

  5. It's a shame the Gigaleak didn't give us anything Mother related as far as I know. Also, that sweater is amazing. I want it.

  6. I appreciate what he's doing with the CRT / old E3 footage filter but I'd love to see something similar to CRT-Royale, at least as an option. No super important but it could be fun to look at lol.

  7. You’re surprised no one’s done it? I’m not.

    Even if someone went to the insane trouble to recreate the original version of a game that eventually was released anyway, Nintendo would send a cease and desist as soon as word got to them. They’ve shot down pretty much every other fan project, even though most of them were non-profit.

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