Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – Review

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires – Review [Steam]

Talking about the English version release of DW9E on PC.

Disclaimer: I received a review code for this title from Koei.

If you’re interested in picking DW9E up, you can grab it from this affiliate link, and get a discount:–5503-1?ref=silvermont

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  1. Do not! I repeat! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!! Since DW 2. All the samurai warriors and warriors orochi, Gundam and strike force. Fuck koei! Fuck this game! Fuck the developers! I’ve kept hopeful and stayed loyal but you really fucked us this time. Crash and burn you fuckers. Crash and burn for many generations until y’all bloodline no longer exist. I’ve never hated a game and it’s developers so much in my entire life!

  2. I feel like dynasty warriors is really similar to pokemon, they just copy/paste the formula and get worse every time…

  3. My friend says custom scenarios aren’t present in the game and that was a big let down for both of us
    Custom scenarios were the most entertaining things to play, we loved making scenarios and sending them to each other to see how they played out.

  4. As somebody who loved DW: empires 8 and SW5: Empires. I can say for sure that this game provides more content than all the previous ones. Also you have to go out of your way to SELECT the free roam option (no reason to do it other than seeing the scale of the empire). It's still based month by month as in previous empire titles. You have more options, better graphics, great OST and has improved on the best Empire titles of the past. I hated 9 base game, but i love this Empire spinoff. It's glorious Musou fun! But the most important thing- Do NOT Pursue Lu Bu. Edit: the combat is BETTER than it has ever been, you always feel in control after you learn the system which takes about 1-2 hours. Anybody saying otherwise are people who just want to spam light attack or heavy attack all the time. The only difference with 9 is that you are MORE involved and have MORE control. It's still Mosou slaughter, but now you can actually chain together more devastating attacks and be much more creative. And a HUGE BTW there IS a "GATHERING OF HEROES" mode which some people online say there isn't. (Basically it's where you choose your part of China to start from, select a ruler or be a subordinate and be on a level playing field with the AI on the map) this is CRUCIAL to mention, as without it i see no point in Empires games. Also, Lu Bus theme still make you cream your pants

  5. Empty worlds like this shouldn't be considered open world games because there really is no world. Same goes for the new Pokemon game.

  6. Thanks for the informative review. I decided to skip the mess that was DW9. Since this doesn't look like they've changed much, it looks like a no for me.

  7. holy shit 8:31 the textures are SO LOW RES… it really feels like a low budget game or low effort. Either way won't be paying full price.

  8. I'm a big DW and SW fan. I've played every Dynasty game since 3, but I just feel the war council menu is quite boring this time. 8 Empires made that feel a bit more interesting somehow. The combat has been stewamlined too. It might improve, but I'm a little disappointed with this. – doesn't feel like they put a lot of effort in.

  9. Thank god their are reviews, I appreciate your sacrifice brother. I wont be buying this game. I miss the old style…DW3&4..legends and empires were epic.

  10. The gameplay looks so soulless. Like budget F2P bad.

    I think they need to get away from this open world mess and forget it ever existed.

  11. DW9 was and is the worst musou game ever made I just hope that if or when we get WO5 they use characters from DW9E now I also have my dream to see WOE game but for now I will try this just for character creation and empire management

  12. I'd like to see a different studio take this IP on because I think that koei has really just rested on their laurels.

  13. There has been a lot of trial and error since they have been using new gameplay approaches. It's still need a ton of refinement imo I know this might sound crazy but DW (before 9) was actually a damn fun method for me to learn the history (of 3 Kingdoms) and I feel that part of the game has been taken away or at least neglected.

  14. I bought it and tbh I like it better then dystanty warrior 5 empires which was my favorite I feel like they added a lot that make the game feel more like what it is suppost to me vs previous titles ,
    Also it take much longer and is harder then other empires game which is good in my opinion. It adds more depth then just killing everyone.

  15. How do I just skip to the battles this shit is so time consuming. GOD DAYUMMMM. They have to add like “skip to battles” I haven’t played dynasty warriors in a minuteeee. I think this is why I remember not playing the empires as much bc of the strategic stuff.

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