Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Review

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Review, have you had time to play the latest installment of dynasty warriors yet?

Remember these are only my thoughts and I look forward to reading yours in the comments below 🖖

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Empires is a spinoff title and its super different from the mainline games. Empires is more about strategy and building your kingdom while the main games are more story focused and character focused.

  2. empires is not "main" of dynasty warriors games it is actually a spin off and I see it is your first as you have no idea how BAD this disaster is compare to older games, even samurai warriors 5 that I think is personal shit for cutting 87% of characters is super cool compare this epic fail, go for DW8-E and tell me witch is better, in this one there is no point in doing anything, in 20 years of DW games this and main DW9 game are so big pile of stupid shit that KOEI is sell as an insult to the fans

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