Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Nintendo Switch Review!

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Here’s our full review of Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires on Nintendo Switch. Very strange one as I really like the gameplay choices but everything is impacted by the performance, which is shocking! #DynastyWarriors9Empires #Switch #Review

First thoughts 0:00
Story, Gameplay & Controls 0:32
Oh dear oh dear! 7:21
How much!? 9:06
Final Verdict 9:50
Banging Tune! 10:28

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  1. Someone asked below, if this was perfect performance what would it score. I would say mid to high 80s easily, unfortunately the performance is THAT bad that it is damaging many of the systems that are there for fun. Well I had to go full savage on this one – Let us know what you think! Such a strange experience to be playing and loving the gameplay but hating the performance. Mark

  2. Dynasty Warriors 8 is the best port for switch. I'll just stick with that. Any other warriors game has low fps and sluggish gameplay, it's a shame.

  3. I'm ready for more Warriors-style games ; Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Warhammer 40k, etc. So many possibilities.

  4. My favorite series! Thanks for covering it, please keep us updated on if the graphics get patched I want to get this game!

  5. Man I played the demo and loved it I had a hard decision this or Pokemon Legends I went with pokemon but I will still be picking this up soon thanks for the review

  6. I think I may get it when they have another update. (I’ll be looking out for you Video) I’m still interested in getting it, but I’ll get it during a price drop. Thanks for the info you helped a lot these pass years.

  7. Also there's no multiplayer not even split screen on any version, I've played multiplayer slpitscreen on every dw game with my brother so this game not having it is an absolute skip for us.

  8. I picked this up despite watching this review beforehand, and I love it tbh. The graphical limitations aren't that bad at least in my experience. It does need improvement, but a 4/10 is a bit harsh. The game isn't broken.

  9. LuBus Daughter and Zhurong are way too waifu for such a terrible production.

    I tried the demo and it looks like an aborted PS3 Game. Was tempted to come back by making a video on it myself.

  10. I've kinda always been in the middle with Dynasty Warriors games, I sort of like the insane nature of the battling, but always felt there could be more to it. This game I think looks like it has finally started to go in the right direction, bringing in different types of strategy and depth. So I am extremely thankful for this review, because I was more than likely to have jumped straight in with enthusiasm, only to be overwhelmed with negativity, which would stop me coming back to it or any in the future. Now I will keep an eye on it here and elsewhere, and when it looks better I will go in with a better mindset. Granted I would much prefer it to be on switch, but if it needs to be elsewhere I would go there for this. (Order of Preference, Switch, Playstation, PC, X Box)

  11. This one is actually painful considering one piece pirate warriors 4 ran so well on switch I expected something similar here oh well

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