Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires – Is It Any Good? (Review)

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This is my review for the latest Warriors spin off game, Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires. Its official release date is February 15th 2022. All footage was captured on a PlayStation 5.

*A review code was provided to me by Koei Tecmo.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Disclaimer
0:08 Intro
1:32 Game Information
8:38 Personal Opinions
14:51 Conclusion
16:05 Outro

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  1. It sounds badass tbh idk why you guys hate but I’ll need to wait at least a year and a sale but I honestly think it sounds really good. I always loved empires ppl don’t appreciate games where you build a kingdom from scratch. It’s awesome but I’m gonna get it when it’s $20 on sale.

  2. Unfortunately i bought this game and wanted to be spoiler free but it ended up just being the same level over and over again and i bought it on playstation so no refunds for me

  3. So what Warriors game do you hink holds up best and gives the best experience today? Essentially what is the best game in the franchise to play today?

  4. As a guy who loved Empires 3, 4 and 5 (and Warriors Orochi 2) without, I should say, ever touching the standard version of the game until I found DW6 in a bargain bin one otherwise boring day. I was a bit put off by the series reboot that seemed ordained in that afternoon purchase. And so I looked forward to waiting a decade or so for the roster to fill up again. Orochi 2 had spoiled me I guess. 😊
    Perhaps another decade of waiting is in order.
    Still, I AM a sucker for spending hours and hours making my own characters in games (even in 4E), and giving them the right voices and move sets, and there are all the new character designs since 6… so….😮‍💨 💸

  5. It's sad that nowadays at start of these type of videos you have to put a warning just to justify your OPINION, like it goes to prove how many people don't knkw what it means or don't like thst other people have a say

  6. 8 empires had more customization, soldiers, banners, scenarios, horses ect. Why did they remove those? And no 2 player split screen, what is that about?

  7. Why can't they make them like Dynasty Warriors 5. That game was amazing and you could go through everyone's unique storyline!

  8. Luv this game a big fan of this franchise since DW2 aswell, I thought DW9 was the best in the franchise, DW9 and DW9E works, really well on PS5.

  9. Thank you for your honest review.

    I think I'm gonna pass this DW series, personally there're ups on this one, but the execution is still clunky; and i also totally agree with one of the comments that players should start as nobody & make their story, maybe become foot soldier or mercenary to build reputation, then can choose to overthrow the king or stay loyal & get promoted, you know, like starting from zero.
    Combat & battle system is just simply…meh compared to DW8, but the strategy is indeed better. Don't even let me start over the stage & environment tho, ugh. Overall i can't see myself playing this game unless it's in deep, deep discounted price.

  10. While I agreed that the combat from 9 was a bit hard to get used to it still felt better to me then the combos from 6

  11. My only experience with dynasty warriors is dw8empires which I sunk several hours into. Loved the feeling of taking over china with an original character and basically making my own legends. How does this one compare to 8 empires? Do you think I'll get the same satisfaction here?

  12. As a fellow lover of most Dynasty Warriors game. I found 9E to be enjoyable, but it's far from the lowest point in the series especially considering 6 and DS exist. The game definitely suffers due to the changes that 9 tried to implement and I feel it could've gone better without certain things such as…. the open world and the weapons that are just plain copies of other weapons just with a different model.

    I would much prefer having smaller individual maps for me to load into battle with rather than these tiny chunks of the open world especially when we have some rather annoying slopes and the like to deal with due to the original open world. either that or refine the open world a bit and maybe give us more to do in the open world strolling sections.

    As for the weapons… look I've been playing Dynasty Warriors for years now, cloned movesets do not bother me in the slightest, but it feels like a waste when you set up multiple "weapon types" but quite a few of them are the exact same weapon as another. I would much rather have more people actually sharing the same weapon than having multiple of the same weapon but with a different model. I found it very disheartening to see some of my favorite weapons from 8 make a return but no longer feel like their own weapon (the boomerang and rake are good examples of this) If they either never made an appearance or were just shown to be skins listed under the weapons they were copies of I wouldn't have reacted as poorly to them.

  13. I appreciate the review man, I personally will pick up the game when I actually have the money for it because I find the combat to be pretty fun, not better than the og but still something.

    I’m just patiently waiting with all of you for Dynasty Warriors 10 in like 2050, hopefully they don’t rush that one and actually listen to the community.

  14. Thank you for your review. I was really thinking about getting the game and get back to playing Dynasty Warriors but I’m definitely gonna pass. Or maybe wait til it gets really discounted. I love Dynasty Warriors but they need to do something about the franchise.

  15. I was genuinely excited for this game between the delay and the leadup to the release date being revealed, however the more info that got shared about it the more worried I got that it would be a half finished game on release again like a lot of modern releases tend to be. Y'know, sell now fix later sorta attitude and also sell DLC on top of it for content we would've got at release previously. I reckon if the customisation had a lot more variety or just brought back the costumes from 7 empires and 8 empires I probably would've been more up for at least getting the game and trying it because I love the empires titles. However, like a lot of releases, I just don't feel like I can justify spending £60 on it especially since there's a season pass on top of that to get all the content you'd be expecting.

    Of course the demo really didn't help it's case and some of the reveal streams having really poor load times for most of the textures in the cut scenes just screamed "DO NOT BUY ON RELEASE DAY" at me. I'll probably pick it up on sale down the line after it's had some patches and a decent discount instead.

  16. I swear im dumb because I feel like I bought the wrong dynasty warriors 9, because I cannot find edit mode to save my life 😅😂😂😂

  17. First of all, thank you for the heads up! I was considering getting this game, but now I'm not so sure. Do you (or anybody) happen to know if the Deluxe Edition has improvement, or is it just a bunch of DLC? I wanted to get this game on the switch, but I heard that it's terrible on that platform, so I was hoping that the Deluxe Edition would hopefully have some improvements…

  18. Thank you for being honest. I was curious if you played Dw6e and are they both equally bad to you or does this one take the cake. Also did they release free CAW outfit dlc when they released this as I heard there was a really small outfit selection.

  19. Dynasty warrior 9 empires Is Fantastic 💯 i love ❤️ it but i see your point i got tired playing dynasty warrior 9 all you did was roam around the world and conquer over hundreds and thousands of bases and play side missions and missions as well i mean their really wasn’t much to it the only thing i liked about dw9 is taking over as much bases towns camps city and capitals thats my honest opinion now with dynasty warriors 9 empires theirs is lots that you can do but hey be my guest like you said everyone is different towards the game so yeah 💯 🤷‍♂️

  20. is it any good? no, not at all. zero innovation on Koei’s part. graphics gameplays etc all just abysmall considering how long the franchise has been around.

  21. this game is teh worst, no way to buy new weapons, horses or itmes that help you in battle, enemys dont drop items like heatlh recovery, special recovers atac/defense/ speed increas for 30 seconds, stupid AI ( rthe ruler i serve has 70% of the map adn he does not atacka nymore but has 80.000 food and money letting the otehrs take his lands again) i play since DW 2 and this here is really the worst

  22. This is a good honest review from someone who just wants to love this game despite it’s many flaws. 
    My biggest problem with the DW series is the fact that despite being in it’s 9th iteration, they have never been a day one buy. Picked up DW9 for Xmas for £10, it’s my guilty pleasure game. Let’s face it, they are somewhat garbage, mindless fun games that no-one can really explain why they like it. We just do.
    Every review has said they can’t recommended it, but I guarantee I will buy it when the sale comes up.
    Maybe next year, DW fans.

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