Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Everything You Need to Know!

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires releases fully on February 15th 2022, onto PS5/PS4, Xbox X/S/One, PC and Nintendo Switch! Everything you need to know about the game including new features like Secret Plans, are all included in this video and there will be loads more videos coming soon for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. Let me know what you want to see below!


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If there’s anything in particular, such as game play or guides that you want to see from the game then leave me a comment in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

Let me know in the comments below what you’re playing and what you want to see from me!

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  1. I feel like no one is mentioning how they took away the ability to make thick characters, like in empires 8 . I was super bummed out . The facial features they upgraded but everyone looks like they have a figure of a skinny crack head . I miss my thick female body guards and my empire of big boy monks

  2. That told me nothing…How the hell you add a parent on EDIT MODE an gud game play smooth? THE WALK IS A RUN THEY TOOK OUT SPRINT MODE so all my chars feel like sonic in battle…

  3. Thank you for this. I've been wanting to buy it but not fully sure but you show, talk, and explain the things. I thank you for taking your time and making a review.

  4. I really want online play for this. DWE8 had online. They don’t give you the option to choose your own color for your army or your own banner.

  5. I think the game is excellent, far better than I was expecting. I really enjoy the politics and battle flow.

  6. I say start a petition to halt all sales and completely strip and rebuild the battle designs. Strap the siege crap altogether.

  7. Everything about the game is good, except for the actual battle phases. I would have liked to see a more expansive battle field, being confined to the front of a castle really kills the game for me. It literally takes about 35 seconds to run across the map. It makes mounts useless. I'm going to miss the merc battles and raids in dw8e. The battlefields are so small, there are no supply lines connecting the bases. The average battle lasts about 12 minutes.

  8. Hey man I played for several hours and still can't figure it out, how do you get new weapons and upgrade your weapon and get new mounts?

  9. how to get more officers in over territories every time i attack well invade my armty moves but then i can not move officers to there my army last one i had 41 ppl in one territory but i could not move them

  10. I was rather surprised to see this game being better than I thought. There still some stuff lacking but I'm legitimately enjoying it.

    As for favorite char, Zhang Fei.

  11. Ik alot of people have been saying good and bad about this game but i preorderd which i dont do for any other game seris. Now iam hardcore dynasty warriors fan not becuse of the game but becuse of the story and history and lore of the uniaverse of the game i have evry single game all the way back to the mortal kombat style ps1 game and the romance serise books and all so that being said i so cant wait and i probly wont sleep once i start playing….XD

    As for my fav charater ide have to say zhuge liang and sima yi. Ik its two but there almost the same person if u think about it there like two sides of the same coin. Zhuge liang being more agresive stragist where sima yi is more the defences side so ya sorry for nerding so much but iam extremly excided

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