Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires ENGLISH Review

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*Version played is Xbox Series*

A new release in the Empires series, featuring a mix of thrilling action and country capturing simulation. Experience the human drama of the Three Kingdoms in a way only Empires can provide. Fight exciting Castle Sieges and manipulate the country’s Politics. Welcome to the Empires experience!

After having the privilege of playing the English version of Dynasty Warriors 9 : Empires, here are my thoughts and feelings on the game. Would I recommend it? Find out by watching this video review.

Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
3:36 The story (or lack thereof)
5:06 Gameplay (tl;dw)
6:21 Combat system
8:01 Conquest Mode Battles
10:04 Taking command
11:03 Secret Plans/Strategies
13:11 Difficulty
15:38 Weapons/Upgrades/New Game Plus
16:18 Strategy/Politics Phase
17:54 Open World Strolling
19:09 Paths (Ruler, Free Officer, Officer)
20:28 Playable Cast
22:04 Cutscenes
22:31 Edit Mode
23:18 Sound Design (Voice Acting + Music) MISSING FROM INITIAL UPLOAD
24:24 Replayability/Replay Value
25:00 Closing Thoughts

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  1. REUPLOAD AS I FORGOT TO PUT IN THE SOUND DESIGN PART POST-PRODUCTION. Being under the weather does things to you, hehe.

  2. I know its a daft complaint but i really dont get why they never dub the empires games i enjoyed 8 but seeing that the older games had dubbed empires and even extreme legends for PlayStation shame really in saying that i wasnt overly keen on the new voice cast for 9 as a whole just seemed i dunno flat

  3. The Dynasty Warriors Franchise died when DW 6 came out… Every game after that was a copy and paste just to fool and steal the money from it's fans. I stopped being a fan and stopped caring about the franchise after DW6… When DW 9 came out, it was a slap to the face to the fans. DO NOT buy this corrupted copy and paste bullshit. Play Mount and Blade Bannerlord with the Three Kingdoms mod or play Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders.

  4. Wheres all the weapons? been playing for like 9 hours and still have a default weapon and why is the map in stroll mode full of mineral deposits that dont do anything lol

  5. From the sound of things, you expected a little too much. Seems to me this game is all I can expect from an Empires title.
    Except the only difference is being free to explore in Stroll Mode and the detailed policies.
    Regardless of the "absence of customizations", I'm still all in.

  6. Y’all really talking about a game that’s not out yet 🤦🏾‍♂️ay when the game becomes a banger don’t switch 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Koei done a good job at stripping a great game down to nothing. The maps absolutely suk. The could have done so much with OW, but they completely dropped the ball. This will be the worst empires game. No missions, no merc battles.

  8. Hey can you hide this until the international release of Feb 15th? Maybe cause people don't care until they actually play the game (Like me)

  9. I pirated it, then deleted it after 15 minutes. Useless, unoptimized pile of garbage, hardly any character customisation etc etc. Literally like 5 people worked on this spin-off, I'm telling you. This tech demo is just here to milk the series nothing more. They simply don't care anymore and neither do I, since they don't get their money that I would have paid so torrenting saved me the trouble.

  10. Hey man, watching this vid you seem to actually know a lot and what makes a good or bad DW game
    I've been playing the series since 2 came out but the only empires i played was 5 and i loved it, not entirely sure why i never played the others honestly but with DW 9 not exactly being the kinda game i wanted and all ive seen on its take on empires i think ill steer clear of it
    is DW8 Empires worth getting? 7 empires isnt on pc but if 7E is actually much better than 8E id consider getting it on console at some point

  11. Looking for some advice. The only Dynasty Warriors game I have ever played is Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires. I absolutely loved it. Yeah it had its flaws but I love the idea of having your own story and issuing orders throughout the year and taking part in battles defending and attacking to conquer territories. Does this game still have that concept? I know there is a lot that's wrong with it that much is evident from the video. But basically what I'm asking is should I wait until the price drops which is what I'm thinking. And even if it does drop. Do you guys think it's worth buying? Like I said I've only ever played Dynasty Warriors 5 and I absolutely loved it. I'm just looking for a game where I can turn on and casually play. Oh I need to attack that territory to advance. Oh I need to raise the taxes for my people in order to get more gold. Oh I can recruit this officer after a battle. Pretty much everything that Dynasty Warriors 5 can do. Any assistance would be appreciated

  12. Sad that it's starting to feel as if Samurai Warriors 2: Empires might have been the high point of the Empires spin-offs.

  13. I think It's hilarious that they've even attempted this. Empires games have always just been assets taken from the previous game…And everyone hates DW9. DW9 is only 2nd to DW6 as far as how much it's disliked by the community. It proves just how out of touch the suits at Koei are. They should've just moved on to DW10 and pretended DW9 never existed.. not expand upon it.

  14. still gonna get this game because apparently it's 40$ (physical copy) in my country. Still feels like a rip-off though because how rough it is on Switch which is a huge letdown for me. But im a complete sucker for custom character creation and kingdom builder.

    And one more thing, they didn't exclude the DLC pack from the Deluxe Edition as a standlalone and that pisses me off because i planned to buy the Physical copy instead for a cheaper price.

  15. Everyone wants better graphics. More time in the oven. Well you got it with this game and it’s still crap. I rely on Nintendo to give quality fun games for a decent price.

  16. The demo turned me off, i couldn't tell what the hell was going on, and all the officers chase after you like you ate their entire family, customizing officer looked promising, but oddly looked familiar, then I thought about it, then it hit me, they literally took nioh2 creation and slapped it on this game. The default presets even have the same models as that game. Thank you for confirming, I'm going to pass on this one.

  17. They REALLY need new management at Koei.
    Like a alot of new management, like replace everyone in a position of power there.

    As for the Open World, most of the people who wanted it thought that it'd be perfect for the gameplay of Empires, but they set it aside just for stroll mode rather than main gameplay.

  18. Idk went to kill a general everytime their health got low they healed to full . Ran off to capture a different base , almost took it and 3 generals showed up , they kept healing to full . Eventually lost the match not sure what I did wrong

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