Dying Light 2: Top 10 Secrets & Easter Eggs

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Dying Light 2 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is filled with tons of fun secrets, easter eggs, and references to find. Here are our some of our favorite examples.
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  1. One of the best parts about the resident evil easter egg is he specifically says he "punched" his way through when chris is known for well punching boulders.

  2. 6:04 is a reference to world at war zombies Dierise (can’t spell). That’s the daughters teddy that was teleported. It’s the mystery box bear that means the box is moving when it pops up!!!

  3. This game just seems ridiculous. They put so much effort into countless goofy scenarios. Which would be cool if it didn't have so many bugs. Just shows where they put their effort. Basically into ripping off every famous franchise that came before. Doom, Mario, Resident Evil off the top of my head. Which is ironic because Dying Light 1 was already pretty iconic.

  4. Fun fact about the DOOM reference with the pentagram. Whenever he uses the elevator, it seems to be the exact same animation Doomguy uses whenever he uses an elevator as well!

  5. Lately you guys have been giving me IGN vibes and I really don't want to see you guys go into that more reporter than gamer kind of scenario

  6. The Chris Leon thing goes way deeper… killing Chris is retribution. Leave Leon alone Chris! He doesn't want your sister

  7. That soccer easter egg is only supposed to take three goals but it has been very buggy. You know it counted as one of the goals when you get the lightning effects.

  8. One of the side quests in the game is titled 'Crystal White'. In the quest you have to save this guys son who has been kidnapped by renegades and they want him to keep making drugs for them. He also says that he used to be a chemistry teacher before the pandemic.

    The guys son has a striking resemblance to Jesse from Breaking Bad, and the guy who asks you to find his son is obviously a nod to Walter White.

  9. 3:21 i found no mario shoes in there only pictures of crane and a painting that says Crane never forget and a radio with recordings of dying light 1 dialog between crane rahim and jade.

    UPDATE: i solved it i have the mario shoes now.

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