Dying Light 2 Stay Human vs Dying Light | Direct Comparison

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Direct visual and gameplay comparison of the upcoming “Dying Light 2: Stay Human” and the original entry to the series, “Dying Light.”

This video covers a ton of content for Dying Light 2 – all spoiler free, including various gameplay features, UI elements, and other aspects of the game that have been modified.

Both games are being played on the PC at their highest graphical settings, with ray tracing enabled when necessary. For gameplay sequences – Nvidia’s DLSS was utilized to achieve smoother gameplay performance.

Computer Specs used:
RTX 3090 Founders Edition
Intel i9 10900kf
32gb DDR4 (3200Mhz) DRAM
Installed on SSD

RX 6900 XT
AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
32gb DDR4 (3200MHz) DRAM
Installed on SSD

Learn more about my setup here:

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  1. Update: E3 Comparison video is live!

    Dying Light released in 2015* not 2016. "The Following" expansion release in 2016.

    Also, the "ray tracing" options are not nvidia specific as I incorrectly noted here. It appears DLSS is the only nvidia specific feature this time around.

  2. When I watch videos of games that are being played on computer I realise how much better the graphics look on PS4

  3. I literally can’t explain it but DL 1 is better in look than DL2. I think it might be the grittiness and kinda the way you move

  4. I just hope there are a good variety of weapons that can be bought and crafted.
    I don't want those unrealistic craftable DLC weapons from DL 1.

  5. Dying Light the Following adds another very large area with the ability of riding and upgrading a buggy, however i picked up hints of a possible expansion of Dying light 2

  6. simplesmente transformaram criaram o DL 2 para adolescente que tem medo da imersão do DL 1
    simplesmente uma VERGONHA, ele ACABARAM com a franquia. Ponto Final.

  7. Personally I think dying light one has exquisite multiplayer and op loot and rare weapons and more detailed story but still I think dying light 2 is more fun and replay able

  8. From what I watched and my experience of dying light 1, seems like the graphics and the story is better in 2 but the gameplay, combat and the atmosphere (not the environment but how it makes you feel) is better in dying light 1. To be fair the change in atmosphere kind of fits with the humanity's acceptance of zombies as a part of daily life

  9. Is there repair kit's in dying light 2 ? Or do I have to keep replacing my weapons? And I miss playing as crane. He was a good Mc.

  10. In my opinion, I feel that both parkour and combat mechanics have been massively improves upon. You're not just constantly spamming the melee button, but instead trying to block and find a proper opening to attack. The parkour is much more smoother and flows much better than the first game, not taking into account the falling sounds. You can make more parkour moves and chain moves together much more smoothly.

  11. i bought the game and it sucks. dl1 was a magical real place you want to revisit (7 full replays and counting). dl2 is a damn cartoon for degenerate kids full of useless raytracing at the expense of realism and atmoshere

  12. DL1 feels like an open world zombie game, a more robust dead island, but with parkour as an afterthought. DL2 emphasizes the parkour so heavily, keep running, and stay off street level. DL2 is tickling my fancy a bit more. I was never able to play at night in DL1, and I eventually had to stop playing bc I was only left with night missions. Being stuck in a GRE facility at ground level with dozens of infected chasing after you, can be a death sentence in DL2. Comparing that to night time in DL1, I prefer it. Overall I’m liking DL2 more, maybe because it is less difficult.

  13. IMO after playing DL2 for a while, DL1 fit the zombie horror style better, even in the video I was jumping and thinking move faster. In DL2 on the other hand it doesn't feel as scary or trigger the fight or flight response the first did.

  14. your darkness settings are waaaayyy to bright to be judging the darkness level for dl2, turn that down and youll notice day time still looks beautifully vibrant but nighttime is pitch black

  15. Nothing will ever beat the Nostalgia of the first one, its was something new and different from every other zombie game. you cant strike lighting twice man but i respect what they did with the 2nd one and im just glad they didnt ruin it. they listened to the fans but also took some chances on trying new things and that gives me hope for the future. so far i love the new one tho it will never be what was i think it did justice especially given how other developers have done with their franchises and it still stands alone as a unique experience. Also just buy the base game nothing in the bonus ones is worth the extra money unless they release another following style dlc which i rly hope cause i loved the buggy!

  16. Imo the biggest issue with dl2 is how volatiles are way less common. Night has no risks or drawbacks anymore because there aren't volatiles on the streets. You get 2x exp to walk past virals which are out during the day too.

  17. i refunded 2 after 3 hours. I would attack some zombies in the first one then try it in 2 and was like yeah no go the combat physics and zombie physics dont feel satisfying in the least.

  18. The two games compare like LOTR and Hobbit, DL2 being Hobbit and DL1 being LOTR. Are Hobbit movies good movies? Heck yes! Do they stand up to LOTR, I’m afraid not. Hoping future DL2 updates make the atmosphere changes and the fixes we want

  19. I think dl 1 is much better, but dl 2 has way more things to do and way better parkour and the fact that they reduced the human enemies difficulty makes me mega grateful also gotta love the story for dl 2, but dl 1 is fun and nostalgic for me and it doesn't have ray-tracing with I'm grateful for, and it's much much more scarier than the 2nd game

  20. The combat of dying light 2 is so mind numbingly dull and boring and unsatisfying that it actually frustrated me enought to make me uninstall. Its not just the combat tho, the whole game just feels so much cheaper and kinda mainstream, i am very disappointed.

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