Dying Light 2: Stay Human Review

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Dying Light Stay Human reviewed on Xbox Series X by Travis Northup. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC.

Another in a long series of big, ambitious games whose potential greatness is visible just beneath a grimey layer of bugs, Dying Light 2 Stay Human could very likely become the stellar zombie survival adventure it’s meant to be someday. For now, though, it’s best added to your backlog unless your irritation with crashes and technical issues is outweighed by eagerness to dance across rooftops with its excellent parkour, which – when everything works – is an unforgettable way to explore the last city’s open world and join in the post-apocalyptic stories of its many weird and distinctive characters. No patch can fix the forgettable main plot or the protagonist I couldn’t pick out of a police lineup even after 80 hours in his shoes, but Dying Light 2’s streets tell their own stories.

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  1. If you’re not completely over parkour mechanics at this point then wtf have you been playing the past decade?

  2. According to my experience it's a fun game but nothing mind blowing as a person who liked the first game as well.If you're a sucker for zombie genre you'll love it.

  3. It’s crazy because Gamespot’s review in progress said they didn’t have many bugs or issues. And I’m wondering how much of this is going to be fixed by the day one patch.

  4. 133 hours, just finished the game(all quests and sides quests/activities/challenges ). not 1 bug… 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. i had a blast!! Story and game play.

  5. I’ve literally have had zero bugs and crashes, yall some knuckle heads, take this guys job from him because obviously he played a different game.

  6. Other than falling out of the map like 2 times and having cut scenes not load ( the characters them selves wouldn't move but you could see as if it was playing the cutscene as some objects would move mid air) but besides that the game is amazing

  7. Boring story? Okay pal! Do yourself a favor and take a shot on this game. I’m guessing this guy made some pretty dumb choices and wasn’t happy with his ending

  8. Enough with the hype train you fan boys. This game isn't worth spending $70 and 30+ hours of your time. It's that simple. Lots of other great games out there

  9. These reviewers are so out of touch now a days. They'll give Zelda a 10 even though the story isn't great, but this a 7, this was at least an 8 or 9 out of 10. Can't stand these garbage reviewers especially ign.

  10. Disappointed with this game, waited 8 years for constant bugs and broken Coop. Genuinely have given up on games at this point, no one can make a decent game anymore…

  11. Everything in gaming is improving except for journalism what a generou review u really need them copies 😂😂😂

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