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  1. The game tells you why guns aren't around anymore maybe if youd pay attention instead of talking js 🤣
    This isn't a walkthrough lmao you missed a lot of stuff
    Like spike playing piano…

  2. 28:00 Jesus Christ jack you gave me anxiety. I was screaming at you. How do you miss the bar in the middle of your screen and the words “YOUR STAMINA IS DEPLETED WAIT FOR IT TO REPLENISH” like god dammit dude. So annoying.

  3. Love the stream. Please take some 125Hz out of your mic, it's a little muddy but SUPER CLEAR when I pull 3-6 dB out at 125Hz. Thanks again!

  4. I thought it was funny that you were making gobbling noises with the mushrooms, it seems more to me like he’s snorting the mushroom dust 🤣

  5. Hi friend, I hope you have a good day 👋🏻
    Keep up the good work. This video is great. You will definitely succeed. I hope to see you one day except for the big channels 👌🏻👍🏻

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