Dying Light 2 goes from best game to worst game every minute

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in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only drop kick

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Xbox: Sir Zanny
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►Music used
Run, Jump, Fight by Olivier Deriviere – Dying Light 2 OST

There Is Hope by Olivier Deriviere – Dying Light 2 OST

Dying Light 2 OST – Rushing

Dying Light 2 OST – The Good Doctor

Cyberpunk 2077 Main Theme

Music credits:
Through the Trees – Halo Infinite OST (8-bit arcade machine Easter egg version)
Art credits:
Knight walking puppies animation –
Medieval overgrowth –
Sitting with the pups –
Dathomir –
Floating temple –
Alien fantasy –
Medieval sunset –
White castle –


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  1. I wish I could be as chill while playing games as Zanny. the truth is that I look at game overs as personal failures.

  2. I choose the peacekeepers due to the fact that the survivors killed a dog, and I will always keep that logic

  3. 7:07 right when I saw Zanny enter the GRE building during daytime, I was thinking ‘oh no, he doesn’t know about the volatiles that spawn during day hours’

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