DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME 4K 60FPS No Commentary

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DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME 4K 60FPS No Commentary

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  1. Calls it "full" game, skips 90% of it.
    Not "full" game, "minimum completion" game.
    And everyone pretends it's an accomplishment.
    14 hours is nothing, you are barely a TOURIST.

  2. I actually bought the game with friends, started a survival on their account and then they stopped playing so i won't start the game all over again. Nice video, good gameplay

  3. I appreciate the fact that this guy compiled a whole ass full gameplay with no commentary. Although, PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who got pissed at how he plays sometimes.

  4. 10:03:33 "Join the Peacekeepers". This sentence reminds me of Duty Propaganda Speakers in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.
    Just like: JOIN DUTY in the childhood.

  5. I watched this whole gameplay and I never got mad of someone playing the game.. majority of things you did was mad dumb especially you fighting bombers.. run..

  6. Sheeesh lawan is a snack she's a 🍫 GODDESS plus she got 🎂 she's a SEXY chocolate badass plus her voice is dreamy

  7. Absolutely garbage. IN EVERY WAY. I stopped playing at 9-hourish because it's really boring and the first game was so much better. Came here to watch the ending. Thank god I didn't waste any of my time for this shit. What a huge disappointment

  8. Just when I think lawan's character is getting better I realize that its getting much more annoying tbh when I get the game I will take the ending where she dies she is so fucking annoying

  9. "Who Do You Voodoo. Sounds familiar."

    So does that mean Dyling Light and Dead Island are in the same universe?

  10. I love how after albertos death you didnt hesitate to choose to go tell his son that his dad is proud of him. I did the same thing.

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