DYING LIGHT 2 – Early Walkthrough Gameplay (Open World)

YouTube video

Dying Light 2 new gameplay walkthrough. In this video we take a look a full missions within Dying Light 2!

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I Played Dying Light 2 and its AMAZING..


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  1. This guy and many others get to upload it early but those who accidentally got it early are asked not to play it 😆 wtf

  2. I love all the side missions in the first game and this one is awesome as well. I like that most of the side missions have there own little stories. I don’t know why people skip over them and rush through the game. I like to take my time and really enjoy the experience.

  3. couldn't help but notice that their eyes aren't looking at the camera when they should be. breaks immersion and is surprising to see since this game has a huge budget

  4. So thankful I didn't pre-order this. Combat looks awful. I've seen many comment on how the weapons don't even hit the enemy. Which you can clearly see at times. You can be 5 feet away swing and enemy falls back but the weapon clearly didn't hit them. Hope they fix that. Hell dead island combat looked way better than this and was much more realistic. I'll wait until it's 30 dollars and they've fixed the game.

  5. Honestly I was really hoping they would add more blood to this game, just like how dead Island used to be. In that game it was so satisfying seeing blood spread all over the place covering the entire area before disappearing a few minutes after

  6. Wait wait wait, please answer to this question, i really need to know it:
    They really put levels on zombies? Are you serious? Are you just ruining a game with this single change?

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