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  1. Just finished the story. The game is graty gameplay wise, but the story is very uneven. Sometimes it just makes no sense and the ending was very underwhelming. Its not like the first game's story was a masterpiece, but it at least made sense. Still, a good game, 6.5/10

  2. I usually take your reviews seriously but you missed the mark on this one. This was a bad game. Things that are intrinsically important to movement based games aren't available until about 10 hours in, the game is a buggy nightmare on PC (mine is a higher end AMD build), and not even Rosario Dawson could save whatever the hell the story was about. The game is bad and I'll be giving a solid cross examination to your reviews in the future. Someone got $60 out of me this time. Not again.

  3. Whenever I want to buy a game, this guy is the person to watch. Bought many games cause of you and enjoyed them a lot.

  4. Idk man I don't want a game that doesn't give me fun gameplay and a good story. I don't need 500 more hours of time to waste in my life

  5. Dying Light 1 was infinately better. DL2's story & characters were meh, and the excessive focus on parkour made DL2 entirely unenjoyable for me. Deleting DL2 after one play through, and re-installing DL1 for a fourth run through to get the bad taste of DL2 out of my mouth.

  6. Only game breaking thing I’ve experienced is the last mission idk what happened but I died and it kept giving me the out of mission area and then I fixed that and now no checkpoints work and when I go back into the mission area it says leaving mission area

  7. Honestly the parkour in the game is very trashy and poorly done lots of bugs aswell in the parkour for instance your guys can grab the bottom and top ledge of a windo and make a jump across the street but cannot jump upwards to get from the bottom ledge to the top ledge no logic. Then you got the running mechanic which is not something that you start off with and when you do get it it it is also very poorly done its uses way to much stamina and the initial cost to start running isnt even worth using it considering everything takes stamina and most times its vost you stamina but activates literally 3-5 seconds after you press the button which can cost your life in a game with running zombies especially ones that run faster than you somehow the only way to outrun a zombie is to parkour and even then climbing a building is so draining youll have to wait for stamina to regenerate before continueing onward which made climbing useless because now the zombies are hitting you and you only have a quarter of stamina

  8. Low key disappointed because I was expecting to be an upgrade on everything that was in DL1 … complete opposite!!!!! If you didn’t buy yet WAIT !!!! it’s buggy and what ever you are expecting ITS NOT IT .

  9. The game is fun and remains fun until you get the hand-glider. After that, the parkour seems a little redundant. You get to Downtown, climb one skyscraper or tall building, and then you can fly/glide to the other ones, avoiding almost ALL zombies 95% of the time. The challenges seem more like a tedious chore rather than a fun test of skill. Some, even, are borderline ridiculous. There came a point in the first game where you go "This game is so much fun and I hope it doesn't change for the worst."

    I WAS at that point in the 2nd game, (this one), up until I got the hand glider. Afterwards, it was just "Oh this is cool so far…" up until you find the routine of "Why run and climb when I can fly?"

  10. Now that the game released my friend found the original for a lot less and we both bought it, I loved the 1 and am really excited about buying and playing the 2!

  11. 8:52 i feel like thats all games after 2010s. The story always falls kinda flat but there are some genuine gems to be found in the gameplay👌
    Then you have certain indie hits here and there like Issac or Cuphead

  12. I knew this game was gonna be trash. Why cant anyone get this right? Terrible combat and fetch quests with dumb A.I.

  13. I’m ngl I was sooo disappointed with this game. I was a huge fan of the first but the second falls so flat. Buggy gameplay, slow mechanics and boring story. I wish they would’ve just kept the blueprint from the first one. 4/10

  14. Dying light 2 is miles better than 1. Im having so much fun with 2 it just looks, feels and is better in everyway from story to game play its far more interesting and j can’t wait for all the DLCs and expansions in the future

  15. This game looks like a huge disappointment. The best thing about the first game was the fear of night. Running back to camp while the sun was setting made me feel so anxious. The night was terrifying and the player was so vulnerable. From what I’ve seen this game offers none of that thrill. Correct if I’m wrong

  16. Love the first game. Part 2 for me so far is underwhelming had a few glitches. One was where zombies disappeared and then reappear when I used my sense. Also, character models I feel are not even as good graphically as part one.

  17. @gameranx love your videos there amazing but Maybe you’ll reply I CANNOT AT ALL co op none of the methods work yet my cousin who lives same house same wifi he can play online will DL2 be getting a patch to fix this I have messaged Techland wirh little response

  18. so is dying light just mirrors edge but with zombies and gadgets and stuff?! im honestly curious not trying to dis on the game if you take it that way.

  19. Meh it’s alright it’s pretty Grindy for my liking they could have done better on the zombies and it gets boring really quick it’s very repetitive if you want more stamina and health

  20. gameranx about assigning points of interest: "It's whatever, no one cares".
    random PK on the street after giving stuff to survivors: "Citizen! This base is for official operation! You have no bussiness here! Leave!"
    also the random survivor in the bazaar after giving stuff to the PKs: "Great! It's that Blue Bastard again."

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