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  1. Don't upgrade lockpicks if you feel like you're lockpicks about to break just back out of the chest and then go back on it and your lockpick will be back at full HP

  2. There's an easier way to take down goons. Hit – hit – hit – dodge back twice – repeat. They're so slow, as long as you have the stamina to dodge they should be no problem

  3. Just do glitches for upgrades it’s pretty easy 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ upgrades all your consumables weapon mods etc

  4. Uncommon trophies,, just go out in day go to a military convoy take a high ground shoot a propane bottle with an arrow it explodes and it brings them out you got the high ground just wack them when they jump up, gotten 100’s of them in less than 5 minutes, once they dissipate throw a fire bottle or firecrackers at the convoy and rinse and repeat they just keep coming.

  5. Changing graphics mode while playing the game messes up the graphics everything was red and green 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 on ps5 version

  6. I HATE this upgrade mechanics with zombie parts…
    You want to upgrade your electric device or glider? Bring me intestines from a big bad zombie…
    I hated it in Witcher, too. Hey Smith, pls upgrade my sword, so i can protect you all better. Ok boy, then bring me 10 brains from the drown. Where i come from, we use steel and leather to upgrade? Welcome to the weird minds of polish programmers!

  7. yo i literally just started this game like an hour ago so this is obviously going to be a dumb question but does anyone know how you do the move where you grab someone and fall with them off of a building like how they did it in the trailer?

  8. At 0:48 how do you do that weird lunge forward attack? I've played the game for quite a while (I'm a bit past the Broadcast mission) and I have no clue how to do that and can't get it to trigger.

  9. The fully upgraded durability mod reduces durability loss by 100%, making them unbreakable. Also, you only take about 5% health damage if you run out of stamina with the paraglider so long as you don’t let go of it.

  10. Another great item Is the C4. It’s plentiful and takes out big groups like a charm. Just make sure you’re out of the blast radius..

  11. i’d like to see how broken the armor builds will be, right now i’m maxing out a ranged weapon build, i think next best would be the brawler bc of how quick the 1H weapons can hit and then dodge

  12. Tbh, you dont have to worry about durability if you get the developer trinket, called the “korek trinket”, it gives your weapon +500 durability Everytime you equip it, just re-equip the trinket and it resets your durability, you can find it in the developers secret room, just look it up

    FYI: You will need the grapple hook to get it though

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