Dungeons of Dreadrock Chapter 86 to 100 Gameplay Walkthrough || Final Boss Fight || Ending

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00:06 Chapter 87 Dead End
01:45 Chapter 88 Trident’s Trap
03:11 Chapter 89 Between The Lines
03:55 Chapter 90 Lake Of The Dead
06:04 Chapter 91 Rebirth
06:55 Chapter 92 Grinder
08:46 Chapter 93 For Your Brother
09:52 Chapter 94 Fire
10:57 Chapter 95 Fortress
12:51 Chapter 96 Unleashed
16:15 Chapter 98 Pay The Price
17:13 Chapter 99 The King’s Lair
18:05 Final Boss Fight
22:00 Ending
The Spirit of 1980’s home computer RPGs revived for contemporary audiences and platforms.

Dig your way through 100 handcrafted levels into the ancient depths of Dreadrock Mountain.

Relive memories of oldschool dungeon crawlers, like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder.

Play short sessions on your mobile phone or tablet, and fight and puzzle over hours of playtime.
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  1. I beat the game and I didn’t know you need the dragon to complete chapter 95😆 I basically went boss mode and just took out the 3 enemies through teleporting killing(like how we killed the semi-boss Trident from prior)😁

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