Disc Launcher 16 | What Happened to This Weapon? | Mech Arena

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When Disc Launchers were talked about, we were all sure we were getting 3 sets of discs. But now the DL16 has turned into the unicorn of Mech Arena. What happened?

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  1. Mech arena sucks. Theres too much pay2win. Especially the dl16. U have to pay to get it. And it will not guarantee that u will get it

  2. How to get it sir 😃.।।।।।।।।???
    Love from india 🇮🇳 ! ✌

  3. No to the DL16. Disk launcher 12s are frustratingly cheap enough already and we don't need this on top of op Mortars.

  4. DL 12 is massively OP using pilots and area splash damage. Just shoot to the walls is so bored. I don't think we'll have a 16 version.

  5. Sup scape,,,, i am collecting A coins but not sure if i should go with carbine 12 or railgun 16 which one u recommend? I am at mid game with 3000 power thx

  6. I unlocked zephyr yaaa now heading towards panther rank up to 20 energy and disc launcher 8 😎😎😂

  7. 40 seconds ago
    These Devs are horrible….. be aware of cheap offers of mechs!!!! I baught zephyr for maybe 6/8$ I was maybe under month away from getting him and Bought him bc I was getting hit hard match after match by people with carbines and other elite weapons I just don’t have! Am basically free to play and figured this purchase that I could offered I can’t afford 100$ for one Mech or one weapon…. Would be worth it!!! Wrong it was only 2 stars!!! It would literally take me longer to upgrade him to 4 stars probably twice as long if I had just unlocked him!!! It’s a total scam…. Ya k I got refund not threw them but threw Apple and in game…they Devs say oh we can’t remove Zephyr you stuck with him at 2 stars…. But we offer amazing ways in games for you to get resources and you’ll upgrade him in no time! Ya bull….. they can’t remove him and when I would unlock he will still me 2 stars and they can’t even upgrade him 4 stars when I would unlock him bc that would be unfair to other players!?! Seriously what bullshit is that!? So be aware but am sure you all know how greedy these devs are!! Horrible customer service and I’ve spent 4$ on shotgun 8 but never will give these devs anything anymore…. And will give them bad reviews everywhere!!!!!

  8. Here is why mech arena never added dl16 because is more powerful but in my opinion they need to add this because we only have two 16 energy capacity weapons railgun 16 is overpowered the stasis beam is ok but dl 16 is different from others

  9. Maybe they thaught it would be way too over powered and it would make the game boring for some people because it won't have any struggle.

    Also does mech arena have Esports? I am willing to join.

  10. My thing is that if they are going to mention something about bringing something to the game why do they not keep to what they say? I myself feel as though they have lied to the community. And that’s not cool. But like many I think the DL 12 is plenty deadly enough right now. But I will also say that something needs to be done about the current meta weapon Rocket Mortars.

  11. We need more 16 energy weapons, but not a disk launcher 16. Guided weapons shouldnt be heavy damage weapons, no 16 energy weapons should have aim assist

  12. I do not think nor do I hope there will be a disc launcher 16. Like you said, the 12 version is already good enough, and the 16 would be wayyyy op with pilots and implants

  13. I was waiting for disk launcher 16 to come, but when dl12 was combined with ares or jug, it was a devastating combination. If dl16 is added to the game, the game will be turned upside down. Yes, I want dl16 to come and add it to my hangar because I have prepared 3 32 energy mechs :/ but I don't want this to end the game. but I think it will be so if dl16 is added to the game.

  14. DL 12 is already a powehouse, with DL 16, it may just take down a Jugg in a few shots with no boosts at all (when maxed out that is)

    Also side note, which ability is better? System crash with overheat damage (Weakness: prime target) or increased fire rate (Weakness: Fragile when ability is activated)?

  15. Could you frickin imagine if they did give a 16…. the 12 is already way too broken🤯🤦

  16. Hi scape bro 🤟😁 . I'm excited to see disc.16
    I think this time I will get the disc.16 in cerete rush😂

  17. Pls no
    No dl16
    Dl8 and 12 are already a pain in the ass to play around
    P2w players Will make that weapon completely unfair,Even more than +66% radius rm12

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