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  1. Played the demo and had the same gripe as you said. You gotta micromanage the army, but you also want to build, or your economy is going to slow down. So many things. There's a pause button though, but you can still feel overwhelmed.

  2. I really like hearing your commentary on this game. It's a super cool project thusfar and I'm really looking forward to seeing the development progress. I've only played the demo thusfar, but it really scratches an itch for a type of game I didn't know I needed in my life.

  3. Any hope this will come to XB or PS? XB more likely no doubt. Can’t find any info saying otherwise. This game reminds me of AOE.

  4. Mack is the only truthful reviewer out there who cares about giving his viewers the absolute truth and saving them money. The rest just want to promote their channel with the help of game developers by lying completely or partially. I will wait for Macks review on a game before buying it. For example I can watch a dozen reviews on Lost Ark but I will never know if its truly WAB until mack reviews it. I know he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to picking out anything that could annoy us.

  5. I played the Demo but I dont get more than 40 frames on either lowest or ultra settings… not sure whats going on with that

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