Diplomacy is Not an Option – (Stronghold Building Real-Time Strategy)

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Diplomacy is Not an Option on Steam:

Experience warfare on an entirely new scale as over 10 THOUSAND enemy units assault your castle walls. Do you have what it takes to save the kingdom? Is the kingdom even worth saving?

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  1. Okay… being able to join the Revolt just made this game 1,000,000 times better.

    Branched approach, leading to better RP and enjoyment AND more replay value. Excellent job!

  2. The game is very difficult in the last waves. I had to retry 3 times before winning. Here is some advices :
    – Build watch tower in the beginning, this will give you a better view, the fog of war will be reduced.
    – Scoot all arroung and try to kill many camps as possible because they will be part of the final wave. In the same time, you will gather gems for magic
    – Build a lot of catapults and place them on the towers
    – Build farms
    – Upgrade the barrack for new units

    You have to extend your territory otherwise it's not possible to survive the last wave
    For the developpers, please lower the difficulty of the last wave, it's very frustrating at the end.
    Great game, very addictive. PS: The campaign ends after mission 2, still in development.
    Cheers ^^

  3. just spent another £17…
    your videos are the source of my happiness and my wallet's sorrows 😉
    keep them coming 😀

  4. I like the idea of the game but it makes no sense why villagers are attacking when you have villagers working for you.

    Some unit variety would be good. But I guess that would come later.

    I think the game would of been better if it was just a general army attacking

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