Diplomacy Is Not an Option – Sandbox Medieval Siege Defense Strategy

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Diplomacy is not an option gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Diplomacy is not an option and check out a game where you’ll build a castle and defend it against the rebellious scum that want to take your throne.

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  1. The game looks like something I'd enjoy watching, but I don't understand how anyone is able to listen to this superficial fast paced non-stop talking. it's like someone is trying to drill a hole though my skull with chatter.

  2. This game is just really, really good so far. I'm a huge fan of what I've seen and played and can't wait to watch its development!

  3. if u read this I want u to know that we f Love this kind of content… is entertaining And Useful, its really my kind of game, you are the best cat!

  4. They are billions are way better in every way. Splatty just couldn't beat they are billions lol. This is like the easy version of TAB.

  5. I am really looking forward to this when it actually comes out. For some reason I thought it would launch into 1.0 this week, but it's just the Early Access… while that is a bummer, I still can't wait to play it. 🙂

  6. Assuredly a strong member of the horde defence rts already. I love the cynical spin of the story, and the art style works well for me, both for city building and battles.

  7. Mathematician here: numbers start at 1, except when you have more computer scientists in the room then you are willing to fight.

  8. Had a go on the demo, would recommend. It's basically a Stronghold remake with cute 3D visuals and a few Age of Empires elements.

  9. i also like that you can move thru the most rts games also you cant move thru them , i.e Age of empires, company of heroes, an so forth.

  10. yeah i hated that in most games you issue an order too attack say a building an they will do just that, an proceed to let themselves get beat on by the enemy when they sally out too attack you..nice little added feature, i like that. Gives you the option to issue an order an forget , an not have to baby sit them.

  11. They are Billions is designed to waste my time, there have been litterally dozens of threads raised on the Steam forum about a proper Save feature. The developers have deleted many of these threads and just do not want to accomodate for one as an option whatsoever.
    Not everyone has hours upon hours of time to put into a game, so I hope Diplomacy treats its customers with some more respect when it comes to time wasting

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