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In today’s video we review Diplomacy is Not an Option from Door 407. You may recognise this title from 5 New City Builders Coming out In 2022 – with the EA version now available to play, let’s have a closer look at this tower defense/city builder/RTS hybrid!

If you do purchase the game, remember to review Diplomacy is Not an Option on Steam! Every review helps the studio out (and bonus points if you mention you picked it up due to this video).

Thank you to Door 407 for providing a copy of this game for review! This did not influence my thoughts.


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00:00 Intro
03:23 My thoughts
06:57 What I’d like to see
09:17 Overall


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  1. I'm going to give a few strategies for endless mode

    In general
    Build a lot of builders throughout your base as you expand, limit their range so they don't go to build something on other side of your base
    As soon as you can upgrade the townhall
    Use watchtower every where(they don't need to have someone in them to work)
    Expand your population as soon as you have enough food
    Research is very important

    First of all use the pause button, without it you are pretty much screwed
    Early on place lumbermills and go exploring as soon as game starts(leave the catapult behind as it's very slow)
    For combat(early) place archers at back (use control groups) and then aggro a small portion of enemy camp using pikeman then just go in circles around your archers. Experiment with formations( you can make formations spread tighter out spread out. You need press e or q while holding down right mouse button when the green shapes appear)
    For first wave get 2 towers ( You don't need walls for first few waves, although place additional towers as the waves come. barrack can be used as a shield as it has a lot of hp)

    As soon as farms are unlocked use them so that you are not dependent on other food gathering
    Place storage units near gathering buildings
    For research first always research fast movement speed for the workers

    Late game
    Get ready to trade. All resources on the map are finite. After they are used farms and forester are the only way of getting stone and iron (by trading. You'll need market for that). Also I should mention that this gets very unfun very soon(trading) at which point starting over is better for your sanity. If you've reached this point then you'll notice Frame rate dropping during waves and game becomes tedious task

    You should have archers on towers near walls as they have very high dps, the siege weapons can be place behind these towers on other towers as they have better range. Also watch where you place your army as your defenses are able to block the projectiles of your own army

    As soon as trebuchet are unlocked(upgrade Engineers guild as quickly as possible once you upgrade the townhall )use them(get them before getting upgraded army units) . You can only place them on the biggest towers and due to resource constraints you should always place only trebuchet on this big towers. On little towers place archers.

    Hey healers and hammer guys and they'll pretty much handle all the meele action you'll ever get. Use your horsemen as reinforcement Units as they've very high movement speed

    So to summarize at front your wall, then on towers(small) archers(crossbow man), then on big towers trebuchets

  2. 8:12 just build storage next to those mines and lumberyards. Deleting the storage after it served its use automatically transfers its contents to other storage spaces.

  3. discovered your channel with this video, but find there is reviews about more games I was wondering about. Find IGN/gamespot reviews while in some cases direct and to the point which is good, in others (particularly city building games) to feel a bit rushed. You're providing the details I'm looking for and as a bonus you got a nice voice to go along with it.

  4. So at the moment in Australia there's a $15 voucher applicable on the Epic store that makes this game only cost $20…
    Probably worth it, despite the ethics of the Epic store and their ties to the CCP.
    Another one to do a review of, is "they are billions" if you've not yet been told about that, but I'm guessing you have…

  5. Loved that you got straight into the review of the game and not blab on about likes and subbing. Liked and subbed just off of that. Also your voice is amazing!

  6. I suspect I'd have trouble with this game. I like to build a working settlement first before moving to military options which runs me into early problems in AOE so would be even more so here. Looks a good polished game tho … well reviewed, thank you.

  7. Kite with melee units while range units pick off enemy units. Also, use death knight summons to split enemy forces allowing your own units to take out a good portion of them so that when the death knights die or expire your own troops don't have to worry about so much.

  8. I just wanna say outloud. Right now. If anyone hired you to explain a cutscene/informative video/showcase for an upcoming game/show ect. You'd be the Cortana/Halsey of said series lol
    If u explained a Halo video about Spartans and Warthogs, People would be pleased to hear something similar lol

  9. Fun review as always, Ren 🙂 one thing I did notice is that you don't put your archers on zee walls, is that a tactical decision? I know they can fire over 'em, but wasn't sure if there was a bonus for having them up on the walls or not.


  10. I picked this game up as a demo back in September 2021 and fell in love instantly, regarding the Porters I personally really liked them it enabled me to have consistent resource gathering rate at the source but could very quickly reassign my porters to gather a single resource from the buildings when I needed them to. It just allowed for a bit of quick flexibility with resources without the need of investing into more buildings (taking up my builders time and not making the walls !!!). I can understand it adds an additional layer of complexity to the game and why people didn't want them in but I'm a big fan of supply lines and all that good stuff.

  11. Good review, I've played the demo and have had my eye on it. Completely agree the aesthetics feel very polished, gameplay reminds me of a mix of AoE + Becastled. Hopefully they deliver and maybe listen to a few of your suggestions.

    Were you given a free copy for review?

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