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  1. I think it would be good if you could build multiple markets. The exchange rates aren't that bad with the tech, but the mandatory minute and 30 seconds between trades really hurts. Especially given after a time you need to be trading for gold, iron, and stone, it functions as a hard cap on how much you can make.

  2. you had like 0 builders, beacuse you traped them all in the wall on the right side 😀 2:07:32 you can see them all in the top right corner rushing to work

  3. please play more of this … I've looked up about 20 youtuber and streamer and they are all retarded notlikethis you are the only one who is actually able to play this game … I need my fix of good gameplay
    please play more

  4. Put towers outside of the wall line has best effects. Waves don't attack those towers but walk into killing trap. Also builders house behind wall line will help fast repair.

  5. Every time I hear the announcer say "our units are in combat," I somehow translate that to "our units are incompetent." Not sure what my brain is trying to tell me.

    Edit: just got to the part where you read the same comment from live chat. Glad I'm not the only one hearing it! 😂

  6. I think that you should start researching how to build a castle and stop forming your towers behind your walls like in TAB

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