Diplomacy Is Not An Option EARLY ACCESS REVIEW – The Best Tower Defence Game Of 2022?

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TOWER DEFENCE IS BACK – and Diplomacy Is Not An Option (DINAO) revived it! This is an absolutely fantastic game because it somehow combines aspects of various gaming genres, namely city builders, strategy games and, of course, tower defence. It combines the need for some serious tactical and strategic thinking with absolutely adorable visuals and graphics, and in my opinion, Diplomacy is not an option really encapsulates the best of what those mobile gaming ads try to sell you – but actually makes it look and play as fun as those ads look.

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Diplomacy is not an option is currently in Steam Early Access, but it’s already fun to play. But should you buy it even though it’s not finished and newly released? That’s what we’re here to find out!



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  1. A couple of things I like to add after playing for a bit myself are better optimization because when I got to day 102 the game crashes every time I pause along with like 20 fps and another is more for the end game we need more ways to get stone and iron because they are limited resources as well considering once u get far enough u pretty much mined all the iron and stone on the map but I would also like to see a multiplayer mode and more buildings and units would be nice too

  2. I was extremely impressed when this game popped into my recommended. I haven't been following new releases for quite some time, and this game's demo just blew me away. Totally scratched the itch I had for a game like this. Well put together and lots of fun thusfar.

  3. Let's just call it what it is: It's They Are Billions with 3D models and a quicksave feature, and with a medieval "peasants vs Lords" theme.

    That being said, that sounds wonderful.

  4. Honestly.. if it's short.. that's good, release good and build in that until you have RimWorld scale and depth

  5. Nothing like empires that a lot you guys like to say. The stupidest idea is the endless waves with each wave becoming larger. WTF? Why cannot someone just build a huge map and have no respawn enemies. build base games do this through the enemy make units off the base so you can destroy the base and win the game.

  6. It's funny how reviews like this are nothing but ass kissers and if you played the demo, you could see the lack of wave unbalanced instilled in this game and the fact the come so often that you rarely get time to clear anything, and this is important to build a good defense.

  7. This game looks like a blast!!! Definitely going to check it out… Also love the way you edit man! Perfect pace for me.

  8. thanks a lot for really review! important to add, there is a FREE demo with the game that have endless mode so really no reason not to try it! personnaly I love it so far, just have some issue with control when I put archer in tower (to move them other place) but just start playing it so I guessing learning curve.

  9. Found your channel after the Steam review of this title. Insta subscribed, keep up the good work and thanks for the game introduction.

  10. I fell in love with TD back in good old Warcraft 3. This looks great! Medieval style TD/city builder + particle cannon from Generals = joy. 😁

  11. if only this game had a decent graphics… i simply cant play a game that doesnt have good graphics, its a big turn off ..
    even cartoonish graphics i dont mind like fortnight but this is way to downgraded ,its trash

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