Did they kill playing TALL?? | Crusader Kings 3 Tours and Tournaments Early Access

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Check out the Tours and Tournaments DLC and the chapter 2 bundle here:

I am so happy to be able to show you guys some tours and tournaments gameplay early! A big thanks to Paradox for sponsoring this video and giving me the chance to get my hands on the new CK3 content.

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  1. I hate this tall vs. wide concept and I think it's bullshit. Enhancing development is a key factor in every playthrough. Playing "tall" just means being too lazy to expand and manage subjects, which is much more stressful than sitting on just one county

  2. Domain limit should be severely nerfed to go with the theme, roleplay guys, Medieval lords didnt used to hold more land personally than the one he lived on, very rarely they held 2 or 3 different pieces of land.

  3. Hey Zieley with this update to the man at arms bonuses and the stations i wonder what the highest damage is a man at arms unit can have. With the indian elephants and a lot of buildings i got north of 1000 damage for 600 elephants. Would be cool to see you figure out the limit of this

  4. The whole culture and faith system is kinda shit. Sorry, not sorry. The idea of a single head deciding the focus and how you can create new cultures and faiths, but so can the AI, it just breaks itself. Even if you take the lead of your culture and dynasty, someone can create a branch and you cannot force them back.

    The laws are shit too, you should be able to create laws that allow you to enforce culture and faith. Sure, balance it with as many maluses as you want, but it should make counties and vassals convert to your culture and faith faster, giving you bonuses when they do and strong maluses when they don't.

  5. One huge tipp I can give to anyone wanting to go tall is to pay attention to the events when traveling. There's this one event that says something like "We could implement this back home" that gives your capital an insane buff for 15 years. I can't remember the exact name of the event but it gives you like -15% building cost, 15% building speed, 20% taxes and 15% dev growth it's quite honestly a bit overpowered

  6. Hey tell me something I downloaded tours and tournaments , it doesn’t seem to work there no change in my game any idea.. by the way this is my first dlc…

  7. Don't know if you catch it later but the first tournament you went to, you have to actually put yourself into the competition. You didn't get any options to improve your chances because you were only an observer you have to actually enter yourself not just turn up 🙃 (I think that's because you originally joined for recreation and then later switched but not sure)

  8. Just played it, and I really like it. Only downside is if you’re a small independent realm cuz you don’t get to participate as much. Love the refresh though and new activities systems

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