Diablo Immortal Release Date

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Diablo Immortal Release Date

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  1. You guys are clearly just corporate lackeys. Love when these no names pop up like they are superstars and get boosted by youtube.

  2. Nemo is wrong it is not if you pre register, it’s if Diablo immortal reaches 30 million preregistrations before launch you get the cosmetic skin.

  3. I've been pre registered on Android for 3 years? What is your point? Stupid clickbait title. Maybe you should make 17 more videos on the release date. This entire channel has been about the release date lol.

  4. Yup I will be deleting every game I was trying out to see if I like or what not but this Diablo yes yes yes this will be my game I play cannot wait to get into this mobile game

  5. I'm new here, thank you to Scrappy. I have been registered since announcement. Sure, it's been a very long wait, but I think that's a great sign, from what I have seen from Scrappy and yourself.

  6. I can't believe how dedicated and patient you have been with Immortal over the years. Keep the grind up and your channel will explode on release! You deserve it!

  7. So excited 🤪 been waiting for this game on mobile for some time now and now we got a date 🥶

  8. Hi bro! Just want to ask will it be available to play here in the philippines? I want to be one if the first players here. Thanks 🙏🏻

  9. I dont know your country, but here in my country is actually playable and im playng it in these days, ah if you wonder my country i live in Glandis on Namec planet of course. 🙄😌

  10. Man imagine being hyped for a cell phone game that was announced 4 years ago… only to be disappointed.

  11. Finally we got the release date☺️
    Hopefully your channel grows after the Game is available!
    Great content here very informative,keep going Brother!👍

  12. I may or may not watch your beginners videos I would like to figure the game out on my own but also it might be nice to have an advantage over those who don’t watch not sure what I wana do yet but we will see!

  13. Super excited!! The next 2 months are gonna be slow as hell but we’ll get there!!! Controller support hype!!!

  14. I pre-registered for Diablo immortal on IOS sadly idk about Android tho and I am excited!! and by the way it's official it's on June 30

  15. plz make a video about the class change feature and other cosmetic sets. Have a good day echo

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