Diablo immortal latest news and New Trailers

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Diablo immortal latest news and New Trailers

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  1. Nice video. Keep up the good work. Sadly we are in EU and will play on EU servers even we have 2.5GB/S internet. 🙂 Your comunnity looks nice. GL HF.

  2. Please allow me to download diablo imortal from the Play Store. I really want to play for two years, I registered in advance

  3. It is just confirmed that Diablo Immortal will NOT be releasing in The Netherlands and Belgium. The app has been removed entirely from the appstore due to lootbox issues. You would think that Blizz's legal team had ample time to sort things out in the last 4 years. Why they would get caught off guard by our legislation is beyond me.

  4. Im still convinced this may be a massive hoax 🤣🤣 such a long wait ..wish i wouldve been able to try it 😔🥲 noob rushing for the win lol

  5. the image is blurry, so I thought my quality setting is low, it's already at 2K. Then I realized this is a mobile game capture.

  6. Echo you are the best hype man hands down. Hope that I end up in your clan when they sort us scrappy echos out.

  7. Hi Echo, I just watched your video on whether to play on tablet or phone, and I felt the same as you, my 1 year old ipad will be great and phone for when I have to visit the in-laws and I can sneak out to the porch to play! Shh!

    Question for you, on the ipad, will you connect a controller or use on-screen controls? I was going to get an Xbox controller for my ipad, but someone else's video made me think I would actually have a Xbox (I don't) to be able to set up one. Do you or anyone else know of that is true? Thanks to you or anyone who can help me figure this out!

  8. shame this game came out last in SEA considering the region is like a gold mine for mobile gaming industry. bad first impression of the game already.

  9. I really appreciate the time you take to make these informative videos. You have a great personality and your presentation is amazing. You just seem like such a friendly and intelligent individual. Thank you 🙂

  10. Does anybody know if you can play with a controller? That would really give me the console Diablo feeling.

  11. June 22 now…….. I'm exhausted my patience to a spiritual level. I just want to grind this game already

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