Destiny 2 Lore – Talking about the lore for the Witch Queen Collector's Edition (And spoiler talk)

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Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Collector’s Edition contains some important lore and also potentially story spoilers surrounding Ikora, Savathun, and a series of other characters. It’s time to go secret hunting!
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  1. I do love how Byf goes to great lengths to explain how the Stasis crystals don’t function due to cold, but then perfectly describes the thermodynamic effects of freezing and heat transfer that we commonly understand as “cold”.

  2. I now have to know who the top 10 guardians are, where does the player character rank, where do shaxx or saladin stand compared to ikora? I must know

  3. Clicking like before the video loads, you know you’re watching a Byf video. Enjoy the show

  4. If the "she" referenced at the end is Savathûn, we do know at least one question she asked: is the sword logic worth following? She asked that long ago but never had a good answer until Oryx died to bomb logic. What could the doubts of a paracausal being so powerful they are called a god end up creating, even without their full knowledge?

  5. God, the collectors edition gave us the entire plot right in front of our eyes and we didn’t even notice

  6. As someone who does avoid the trailers because of spoilers, let me tell you, it is DIFFICULT. And some things can’t be avoided (like, of course I knew the campaign was that Savathun had stolen the light and that we’d be spending a lot of time in her throne world). But I did manage to avoid knowing what the throne world would look like and stuff like that.

  7. think of the part where Wei Ning punched Ikora, as hulk and thor from the first avengers movie where hulk punched thor from the side and it's basically what happened. XD

  8. obviously Ikora is one of the strongest guardians, she's throwing supers left and right with max 1 sec. cooldown

  9. My collectors edition hasn’t arrived because scalpers bought them out while I was at work 🙁

  10. After watching dynasty (great content bye the way) i come to realize that the traveler could be a creation of the worm gods. As the worms need death to feed their hunger, ghosts are the perfect chief and gardens the perfect food. That is why they follow the traveler

  11. That classification for Ikora's power has me wondering what other Guardians are "up there"? Is she a standalone at that classification? What's the power "gulf" between that classification, and the next one down? Are there non-guardians that exert a similar level of power to be classified as such? Hive Gods, the Worms maybe?

  12. The fact Ikora is so powerful makes me wish we could get some offical ingame lore of how powerful WE are. We are literally the Master Chief or Doomslayer of destiny and our feats far outshine any character like Saint or Ikora. Id love bungie to give us something on that. I will say i actually love Ikora as a character and love what bungie have done with her. Tbh the best moment is when she shuts down Mara in the radio comms haha.

  13. Thank you for all your work. I appreciate you. Very exited for “dynasty”. Much respect.

  14. Holy smokes, ~10 minutes to get going! Love your videos, favorite lore storyteller, but these intos are getting out of hand! Spoiler warning is in title 👍 so we don't need a legal disclaimer at the beginning and a bunch of crap not even related. No offense, but post a personal update video about your office and those who care will watch it, stop f-ing up the main videos. Please, keep intro <1min or add a bookmark to skip.

  15. playing byf's lore videos in the background when im writing an essay is honestly the best 10/10 would do again

  16. I've seen people say they think Ikora is going to be the witch queen vendor, but I think more likely shell be the SEASON vendor. Sounds like it's going to be some noiresque detective theme

  17. What if the ladies voice humming the song is the voice in the dark? The statue in garden/dsc/ the pyramid is female. Isn't the traveler a she…hmmm

  18. I love that we just got a canon explanation for how Ikora is so busted that she can toss two void supers with a three second cooldown!

  19. So Witch Queen is gonna be a way more complicated game of Eye Spy or Spot the Difference…

    i get the feeling that i'm gonna be singing "One of these things is not like the other" a Lot…

  20. It’s interesting hearing you have to restart sections because ‘human’ and being HELLA busy. Doesn’t detract from the video though. Thank you for your work. 🙂

  21. Great story as always
    Check if you not expect parcel from DEVLND FULFILMENT
    Bungie use them to deliver collectors edition in Uk 🙂

  22. I dont mind some of the NPC's beeing this super duper powerfull in the lore, but I sure wish Bungie would show them be that bad ass in the field abit more.

  23. I saw that video about the helmet and your argument, I believe it was retconned as why did it need to be ambiguous in the first place. If it was intended to be this way then it had no need to be ambiguous.

  24. I wonder what's the lore on our power. Is our guardian considered the strongest? Or at least in the same league as ikora?

  25. So I’m about halfway through this and I’d just like to say, this is why I feel like the argument that light and dark can both be used however we see fit is a poor justification for using stasis. The problem is where they come from both have a motive and desire. One is, more if not completely, altruistic and the other desires blood and death to everyone until there is only one left. And stasis, if not itself, at least links you to the darkness which actively seeks to corrupt you to its will that being death and destruction.

  26. "before spoilers begin"
    i swear to god, if theres any hints relating to uldron… im gonna scream as sathuthuns tune being whistled by him cant just be nothing

    also i wish there was a matchmaking mode for raids, ive never been able to do one so that woudl be nice too

  27. Wasn't there a lore passage about the ahamkara skull above shax , pointing to the corrupted? It points to ikora.

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