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Was Death Knight in WOTLK a good class to play? Should you make one? Lets Find Out
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WotLK Death Knight:

Evil unholy plate-wearing warriors of death and disease who command the dead, spread pestilence and plague, debilitate their enemies and cleave down multiple foes in melee range. If you’ve ever wanted a necromancer class in WoW, this is as close as you can get

Death knights are a powerful new type of class – a HERO class, starting at level 55 and dealing not only physical damage but also shadow and frost. They also have self-enhancing spells like anti-magic shell, horn of winter, bone shield, and many more that make them a terror to spellcasters and plate-wearing classes alike.

Death knights are also DEATHLY powerful in both PvE and PvP. With the ability to be a top tier tank as Blood specialization which focuses on increasing survivability through lots of self-healing and damage mitigation talents. Unholy focuses more on improving your diseases and summons, allowing you to permanently control your ghoul, improve your army of the dead and even summon an undead gargoyle to rain terror from above. Frost specialization introduces dual wielding talents, and powerful damage dealing talents like howling blast which is a powerful AOE ability. In PvP there are plenty of strong arena teams death knights can join. For 3v3 teams like TSG which is Paladin Warrior Death Knight have been known to steamroll other comps, especially when both warrior and death knight have Bryntroll the OP lifesteal 2 handed axe that on equip grants instant-gladiator.

Death Knights also have powerful effects to bring to PvE parties and raids. Debuffs such as Ebon Plague, which grants 13% increased magic damage taken on targets afflicted, AND powerful raid wide buffs like Improved Icy Talons which grants 20% increased melee haste.

Death knights can also equip the new LEGENDARY in Wrath of the Lich King called Shadowmourne, the relative of frostmourne, the lich king’s blade.

One unique trait about Death Knights is that doing your starting series of quests gets you a full set of rares which looks amazing. The gear is good enough that when you head to outland to start leveling it doesn’t get replaced for some time.

When it comes using abilities, Death knights operate off two resource systems, runic power which is like rage, generated through attacks and slowly decaying outside of combat and used for abilities like frost strike, summon gargoyle or death coil.

The other resource is six runes – 2 blood runes, two unholy runes and 2 frost runes. After being used they go on cooldown and will come back automatically after some time. Abilities can sometimes require multiple runes to be used, so knowing which abilities to use when can be important so that you aren’t stuck not able to use the abilities you want. There are many abilities that grant you flexibility with your runes like blood tap which converts a blood rune into a DEATH RUNE. These death runes can be used as a blood, frost, or unholy rune. Throughout each of the three talent trees there are talents which cause your runes to convert to death runes. Talents like reaping which causes blood strike and pestilence to convert the blood rune to a death rune, or Blood of the North, which does the same thing, but is found in the frost tree. The blood tree one is actually a little different though, called Death Rune Mastery which causes death strike or obliterate to cause your frost and unholy runes to become death runes. These talents can be very helpful making your playstyle more flexible.
Speaking of playstyle, Death knights are actually similar to warlocks in that they have damage over times that they want to keep up on their target at all times. But instead of curses and magic effects, these dots are diseases and are even more important than warlock dots because they empower the death knights strikes greatly. For example, scourge strike will do an additional 12% of the physical damage done from the attack as shadow damage for each of your diseases on your target.

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  1. Death knight is such a fun class – can't wait to make one in WotLK! What class do you want me to talk about next?

  2. Horde dk ,,, orc is the best pve due to the fact that almost all great weapons and the bis weapon is Axe,,,

  3. My god I wish retail death knights can go back to this. I don’t even care about the OP factor, I just want the mechanics and the slower hard hitting feel to comeback.

  4. I'm so sick of this myth that Blood was always intended to be the tank spec. It wasn't. they made that change in Cataclysm and I think it was a change for the worse. Blood in Wrath was a DPS/PvP Spec. the self healing was for PvP NOT tanking. Unholy was the intended raid DPS spec and Frost the intended Tank spec.

  5. I'm happy about us not needing to have a level 55 character to be able to start a death knight. For mex this means I can start a death knight immediately upon release and go solo gold farming in vanilla dungeons to gsar upy other characters. It'll basically be a cash cow for me.

    I'm also looking forward to doing some off tanking in Outland here and there.

  6. wait so bryntroll is instaglad in the same patch as shadowmourne? also the pvp clip you used is from mop my guy

  7. i love playing blood dps back in wrath i hope blizzard will consider bumping blood up so it's not a troll pick as dps as i love the theme

  8. I know that I am going to main a DK tank. And I will actually try and make Frost Tanking work. We have many great tanks in our guild, so working up as an OT should be fine

  9. well when they first came out all 3 spec's were very good at tanking…my fav was unholy being able to just chain pull groups in runs nearly constant. would clear out instances extremely quickly but the nerfed version that we will see at the start whenever they release it this time around isn't quite as fun but yet still fun though really.

  10. I remember how much more powerful DKs were in 3.0 and 3.1. I was so mad when they nerfed DKs so many times especially as tanks. Frost DK tanks were just so godly and unstoppable early on. Hardly ever taking damage and HUUGGEEE threat

  11. I can still remember all the rotations and keybinds to everything even after 10+ years. I guess I really liked WoW.

  12. Can't wait to play a DK wrong just to be screamed at by some dude on discord who was the top DK in 09

  13. I tanked lich king on a blood dk when it was new. ridiculously overpowered tank. preeety broken not long after they came out.. lol
    NE was the best tank for that. extra dodge was insane 🤣

  14. I loved DKs and Palas in wrath
    Both were absolute powerhouses and busted in their own right.
    They are polar opposites (Light & Dark)
    And they could pretty much take on multiple enemy players and still mostly come out on top.
    And if they fought each other it would always be an extremely close match.

  15. Death knight was my favorite class when it arrived however i didnt really like it when they changed Death Knighy after messing up my rotation howling blast costing only costing 1 frost rune instead of 1 frost and unholy and death and decay using 1 of each where it now used 1 unholy so i just stopped

  16. i played a death knight in ulduar, i don't really care for it to be honest. Probably cause i'm more of a ranged person than a melee person but eh

  17. Actually, the general philosophy for Death Knights in WotLK was that any spec could either Tank or DPS.
    Back in the day, I was an Unholy tank. Assuming Wrath Classic is released next year, I plan on being Unholy or Frost tank.

  18. Imma be a powerhouse in classic cause I been playing unholy in war mane since the beginning of that server when it had bugged spell power dks in nax lmao

  19. For me I would choose Warrior (Arms and Prot for PVP), the best expansion for warriors 🔥🔥🔥

    Thanks for your guide👌🔥

  20. You can also heal yourself with Death Coil using LichBorne, this with the death coil gliph for using less runic power.

  21. I would love to see blood DK play with bleeds instead of diseases that will be a unique and fun mechanic

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