Death end re;Quest 2 Nintendo Switch Review & Frame Rate Test | Can It Overcome It's Problems?

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Death end re;Quest 2 arrives on the Nintendo Switch but was it worth the wait and can it outdo the last entry, a game that was a good time but suffered from downgraded visuals and frame rate issues?

Unravel clues to the past and battle the dark of night in this horror RPG.
Take on the enemies of Le Choara now with the help of all free and paid DLC originally included in the initial release!

A girl in escape of her past comes to the mountain town of Le Choara, searching for her long-lost sister. Little does she know the town is home to buried secrets, dark creatures that prowl the night streets, and a sinister sacrificial sequence.

Can she fight the darkness, or will the darkness consume her?

Key Features
Day n’ Night – Explore the scenic town of Le Choara during the day through the lens of a visual novel and speak with the townspeople to find the whereabouts of Mai’s lost sister. By night, battle against dark creatures in a turn-based style RPG!

Don’t Call it a Knockback –The Knockback system allows Mai and her squad to smack Shadow Matter against walls, other enemies, and even to other party members for vicious combos. And if you time your attacks just right, you might even be able to trigger Super Knockbacks and Super Knockblows.

Beware of the Berserker – During dungeon exploration and battle, a faceless, black figure will appear out of nowhere. The figure will also display an area of attack once it appears. Mai and her squad must escape the Berserker’s area of attack, as it will instantly kill anyone with one single blow. Run away from the Berserker in the dungeon or defeat all the existing monsters in the battlefield to escape!

Overkill Brings Huge Rewards – The Overkill system is an added feature where characters can stack damage beyond the health of an enemy for bonus experience! Try to inflict as much damage to all the monsters for bigger rewards.

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Death end re;Quest 2 Nintendo Switch Review & Frame Rate Test | Can It Overcome It’s Problems?


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  1. The 3d models are still the censored versions from the Sony version, not uncensored like steam.
    I'M SO SICK OF SONY RUINING MULTIPLATFORM GAMES WITH CENSORSHIP. It's to the point if its multiplatform with don't I have to search title censored to check, and 8 out of 10 it is. Never purchase censored games.,let the people puritans who cry for censored art on resetera & Twitter buy it(they never do) then maybe companies will learn who their customers are

  2. Im praying for an update Iffy should do a better job these games are coveted and have a following i was hoping they fixed it but tbh the games story and gameplay is worth the framerate drop to get the uncensored version

  3. I'm so glad I waited. I swear….I am beginning to only trust Nintendo and smaller indies for release day purchases anymore. These games are just not running on the switch yet they continue to throw it out not ready anyways

  4. I saw the series on the Nintendo eShop and I was curious about them and wanted to give them shot but they looked like another one of those cheap, basic, fan service heavy JRPGS that's floating around. Seeing that the story's good do y'all recommend waiting and picking this this up at a good discount price?

  5. I'm really digging the first one on Switch despite it's flaws. Pre-ordered this one already. I can usually look past frame rate issues for the most part so hoping that's the case here too.

  6. I'm a jrpg kinda guy however this game isn't for me. Hope they fix the performance with patches for the people who do want this game. Appreciate the awesome review tho!

  7. This is a interesting series but I find the second game a mixed bag because on one hand it's a shorter game over the first one and even though one doesn't need to play the first game it's kinda necessary to be able to understand the complex story. I should also say that no doubt a third game will be coming out to help wrap things up so people need to keep that in mind.

  8. It's a real shame, since I generally enjoy Compile Heart games, but I will not be supporting their Switch releases anymore. They've made it painfully clear that they have no desire to spend any amount of time optimizing their games for the system. Everything they've released on Switch has had serious performance issues or is a broken mess.

  9. I have one question. During the combat I noticed you can achieve overkill when defeating an enemy. Do you get extra drops or is there some other benefit to it?

  10. I was wondering why I didn't get a notification for this video. The youtube algorithm was trying to defend me from the disappointment…

  11. 1st game was great, played the 2nd one on PS4 performance was ok, but the game was very short and nowhere near as good as the 1st! It's a shame, could have been a good series.

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