Death end re;Quest 2 | Nintendo Switch Gameplay

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In collaboration with Corpse Party scenario writer Makoto Kedouin, this horror RPG follows Mai Toyama’s search for her sister in a quiet lakeside town. She’ll unravel clues to the town’s past by day, and battle Shadow Matter by night. Can you uncover the truth before reality is consumed by darkness?

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  1. Some devs can make Switch game look pretty near of early PS4/X1 games, while others makes their games on Switch looking way below PS3/X360! Embarrassing! The recently released Sherlock Holmes game on Switch looks like 2 generations ahead this trash, how is it even possible? The lastest BOTW2 trailer looks 3 generations ahead! Just single one cloud from that trailer is so much more complex than this pathetic excuse of game.

  2. Great start of the video lol

    Also at first I was like "why is YouTube giving me that 480p again" but nope that's the actual game goddamn

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