Day One Survival | Dying Light 2 | First Look

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Dying Light 2 Full Release Gameplay Let’s Play First Look #dyinglight2

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  1. Who do you voodoo was from dead island I really enjoyed that game along with dying light can’t wait to play this one

  2. lol @GameEdged brother that was so funny you said i am going find that guy my self and kil him after tis over with the guy who turn the uv light off and the chase begin

  3. As usual this gamer gives up under critic of his play style. So another dud start of a great game. Sad. But ok. Really wish GE would grow thicker skin and just roll with great game content. Which I'm sure he'll read as negative… Only been a follower for almost 4 years here… Shame that this stream has been killed.

  4. The weird and pointless dialog in the beginning (It's time for us to part ways…) made me think this game was a little half-assed. Then I met our friend Hakon (sp?) and I think he's one of the best NPC's I've seen in a very long time. He seems genuine, funny, and believable. Good work by the devs, and thanks for the upload!

  5. Daaarn u like kinda miss a lot of stuff, and I’m just like “arrrgggh, it’s right there why don’t he pick it”
    Haha I’m sorry, however u doing good walkthrough tho.

  6. You can use a weapon until it breaks, Aiden automatically throws it away and switches to the next weapon. So just go gung ho.

  7. Considering some of the stuff you missed early game I'm surprised you're the only one to have spotted the birdhouse so far. (out of 4 other people)

  8. Spike was saying 'We can't afford attachments', and wondering about someone was too much like 'caring' about them. And maybe it was time to separate so that didn't make things hurt later down the line when something happened to either one of them. It was…worded a bit harshly however.

  9. Man the way you respect not only us but the game by staying quite when they speak… people don't do this often. And I want to say it's the thing that really sets you apart from the crowd keep it up man great content from a great creator. keep up the good work man love your play style

  10. Is this like a zombie apocalypse game what type of game is this like is it zombies trying to kill you, please respond GameEdged

  11. Cool, I liked it.
    I didn't think I would at first, but the longer I watched the more it grew on me. I will be back to see more.
    You ROCK Brother!

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