Cyberpunk 2077 – Update 1.5 Has A LOT Of Hidden Secrets and Changes…

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Cyberpunk 2077’s new patch and update 1.5 has a lot of hidden secrets and changes that a lot of the community might have missed out on. Let’s take a look!

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  1. I also liked the changes of 1.5. However, I do find it strange for some to hail the game as great, pointing at these changes and saying 'See? They're making a good game'. These changes should have been included at launch imo and praising a lagging development because of bad decisions for such a bad launch for many, in the attempt to bring the game up to par, should really not be applauded.

  2. "you couldn't steal motorcycles before this patch"

    Not true. I played almost the first half of the story after release by stealing bikes from Tyler claws.

  3. I have a feeling the dlc will add a bunch of fun stuff. I'm new to the game and all I want is flying cars. For all I know that's already in the base game and I haven't gotten it yet. I see them around the city

  4. You can smoke cigs and drink tea in the corpo apt which is cool . Thought it was just the coffee . Coffee also gives a boost to something don’t know what tho .

  5. I just got the game so it’s all new to me haha. They should add hoverboard and carryout delivered that would be cool like room service and small bike 🏍 And the phone should atleast can check mail and take photographs.

  6. Still no car chase? Come on… I haven't played since 1 april last year, and still no car chases… Ugh. Did they unlock more appartments during the last updates? I remember walking up to and it felt like I was able to get into…. I don't know, 5%?

  7. Should I start a new game now that 1.5 is out? I'm still Pre-Heist on my current file, but I hear that there's so many fun additions that it might be worth restarting from scratch. Or maybe I just want to, lmao.

  8. I have 580 hours in Cyberpunk and I am still finding new things to do and see. I play every new patch and this one has been the most exciting. The apartments alone were an incredible addition. The combat has greatly improved. Even on Easy, it doesn’t feel like you’re on permanent god-mode anymore.

  9. One mistake i noticed with the Jackie Welles. When the drink was first talked about, Jackie said it was a Tequila Old Fashioned. After You go back to the Afterlife to make it a menu item, V says its made with Vodka.

  10. Starting to get a little hope again for this game. Still feel they should make the city more alive. Random conversations between AI. More radiostations like the GTA games, with talkshows and stuff. Being able to interact with shopowners and stuff. And more s*x.

  11. So basically, 2 years after release we have a polished game with multiple apartments for V, cops doing their job, and most major bugs fixed. Sadly, the VERY short time to get to the ending is still present. But kudos to CD Projekt for not totally giving up on it.

  12. I immediately checked for the Jackie Wells beverage & was happy to see it. However the bartender says first one is on her but it's not, you gotta pay.

  13. Im playing it on ps5 for the first time right now and im shocked that some of the stuff im enjoying the most wasnt in the game at launch lol

  14. You’ve been able to steal bikes from gangs since launch. It’s how I get around until I get Jackie’s and Scorpion’s bikes.
    And a lot of these “undocumented” changes you mention around 6:30 are specifically in the patch notes.

  15. I wish the police chasing gangs mentioned would show up. I’ve played an additional 25hours and seen zero dynamic events like that.

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