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Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update Gameplay. The new Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.5 includes of course the next gen graphics update but also new free dlc content, new weapons, more customization for V, a large amount of bux fixes, better AI behavior, more details within the world, and much much more.

Check out all the Cyberpunk 2077 changes here:


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  1. Some of the new things to look forward to:

    New weapons
    New apartments for V
    Visual quality improvements
    4K resolution (dynamic)
    DualSense features (Haptic feedback)
    Faster loading
    Performance Mode (60FPS/4K)
    Ray-Tracing Mode (30FPS/RayTreacing)

  2. Dude I have never even heard of this game what!!? Dude I wish this video dident end. Definitly getting this today. Thanks hollow

  3. Cyberpunk2077 is seriously on awesome game, just hit 200h and easily one of the greatest! Hope they keep updating it as there is a Gem in this game

  4. 23:21 Tính cẩn thận là mẹ đẻ của sự an toàn nhưng lại là con đẻ của nỗi sợ hãi.

  5. One more year and its gonna be awesome. It would be perfect if the story was a bit better and there was no graphical downgrade from 2018 video and the choices mattered. Now it doesnt matter what you do or who you associate with = its all the same, then it would have been a masterpiece, now its on the "good" phase and the scavs stand off was fun to watch with grenades and shotguns.

  6. I ended up with 2 PS4 copies of Cyberpunk (i forget why), and played the game for about 15 hours before I fed up with the choppy framerate, bugs etc. – and I was playing on PS4 Pro, so it was better than the basic console version. I got to a natural break (shortly after a certain someone bit the dust….) and decided I would wait until I got a PS5 and the upgrade was released.
    Little did I know I would be waiting a whole freakin YEAR. And I got my PS5 back in May. CDPR really messed up, but then that seems to be the general theme of games nowadays – just look at Battlefield!
    Can't wait to get back into the game, though I think i will prob restart my playthrough.

  7. This game was difficult toniptimize on pc, with. Rtx2060super. I am enjoying it a lot now!!! I dint have to pause the menu and lower graphics anymore..
    YEAH!!! I’m one of those who bought an rtx 2060 super thinking it’d hold,… laugh it up heheh! My mext rig will be better

  8. I found if I enable Auto Motion on my Samsung TV and use the ray tracing mode, it feels closer to 60 fps than it does 30.

  9. Yh is it just me or you also don’t know why there is an option to play with ray tracing and ps5 just can’t stand it?

  10. Imagine if they added a 120 fps 1080p cause I don’t have a 4k monitor since I alternate between pc and ps5.

  11. Thats the odd thing it never looked bad even on last gen, all the tech issues and bugs were the thing. This is now just the pc version still with the same bad code base though.

  12. I'm hoping this game will have the same redemption arc to that of No Man's Sky. Glad I haven't played the game yet.

  13. For me it was never about the bugs…. only about the cut content, they took out so much
    e.g. the stealth gameplay sucks, why can't I kill someone with my mantis blades or the nano wire?
    and V never uses his hands to grab or use anything outside of the story
    Dying Light 2 is more immersive than this game
    The story was ok but the life paths have no impact at all except for the intro
    So it looks good it's fun but it's just not what was promised which is a real shame

  14. think we'll ever get online gameplay @Hollow , that's one thing i was hoping we'd get in cyber punk 2077, mmmm this gameplay reminded me that i need to finish it

  15. Okay, so I'm sure 85% of your views are gonna live up 2077, so we will be able to see if the game is accurate to the year 2077.

  16. I got Cyberpunk on day 1 for PC. For me it ran fine. It was definitely buggy but I was able to get through a lot of the game without any game breaking glitches. Due to a error on my part I did pick up the game on ps4 and yeah, it was bad, virtually unplayable on the ps4 (i even was playing it on a ps5) I just downloaded the next gen update and I was blown away by how much the game had improved. It was better then even on pc (granted my pc isn't TOP OF THE LINE) if you've been sleeping on the game due to the hate on it and have a ps5, pick up this game or at least try the free trial.

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