Cyberpunk 2077 – New Weapons Update Gameplay

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Cyberpunk 2077 on PC Featuring New Weapons Update Gameplay!

Quick gameplay video of the new free guns the DA8 UMBRA & GUILLOTINE. Wanted to get some clips of clearing hideouts but my game pretty much is 100% complete. At this point waiting for New Game Plus. I’m loving the new update though, definitely a step in the right direction.

More video ideas for cyberpunk in the future! so stay tuned if you enjoyed.
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  1. can you actually disable this red auras that one of the perks give? cuz for me game look like im just shooting a red guys non stop. it go over the model so hard

  2. I received the notice but didn't buy any of the guns before I finished the game. Im on a new playthrough and I don't see any of them for sale. Is there something I did wrong?

  3. The new patch actually made Power Weapons a lot more fun to use. You don't need to line up your shots; you can simply spray on the ground in front of them. Combine it with the new Muzzle Brake and perk that increases ricochet damage, and Power Weapon could very well become your new ace – especially after the recent nerf to critical chance and critical damage.

  4. I havent been keepin up on cyberpunk since the johnny silverhand alternate look update. Mainly cause i thought they wouldnt update any more. Thanks for the reminder man

  5. Nice to see the throwing knives working properly now, will the knives still disappear if you hit the floor/walls?

  6. Man ! These are literally not cheeesy words but Damn you have some Sharp Skills… should have least a million views bruh !

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