Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got A MASSIVE 60 GB Update – Next Gen Patch, NEW DLC, Gameplay Changes, & MORE!

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After much waiting, CD Projekt Red is finally delivering their next gen update for Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, this arrives during one of the busiest months of the year. This update clocks in at 60 GB offer a lot of adjustment, enhancements, and changes to the base game. There is much to go over so let’s delay no further and discuss all that’s here!
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  1. Been playing it for 3 days on PS5 with basically no problems. I'm having a blast with it. Originally only downloaded the demo to have to something to play before Elden Ring drops but now I'm actually gonna finish it.

  2. Question for community: Does it work on PS4 yet? Don't want to reinstall it if it is still broken. (No need to comment on PS5, XBox or PC versions, please. They aren't relevant to my question.)

  3. I couldn’t finish the game. I got to a point where it was just impossible to progress because a character stopped existing that was tied to a quest. I don’t think I care enough to go back and see if it was fixed.

  4. Yeaa I was pissed when my 74 perks were reset… I didn’t even know where to start so I restarted a new game with a new life path lol

  5. For the ultimate experience go PC… Then xbox series X… PlayStation has less car's people etc. The RT is useless.. Its for shadows only and more different looking characters .. You won't notice it.. Go performance 60fps…. PlayStation on RT mode with more different looking cars and people looks the same as xbox series X on performance mode. Xbox on RT mode you can't walk but keep bumping into people xbox just has so much more . For both machines set to performance mode.

  6. The city still feels empty. Still hardly any traffic on the roads. I finished this on the PS5 when first released. Wasn't impressed then, still not impressed now. You can polish a turd, but it's still fundamentally a turd.

  7. As someone who played through the game on PS4, playing the game at 4k60 is unbelievable. It's a totally new game.

  8. They stated that finishing quest with fixers opens up new quests but I don’t see any. Also, this patch would’ve been an A if they would’ve put in a new game plus. There’s nothing for me to do besides cruise around

  9. How about that, tried it yesterday and it was smooth even at 45 fps, goes to show how poor optimized it was. Upgrading it from Cyberjunk to Cyberbugged, because there are still bugs!

  10. Hopefully with this update the game is back on track. I'd still really like to see multiplayer – Night City is a beautiful world, and it could make for a fantastic online experience.

  11. Ok what about the old gen what is in this update for the old gen ? Because honestly they fucked the old gen user over

  12. I played it yesterday on my Xbox series X I have no complaints I enjoy the game for what it is, my back log on my Xbox series X and PS5 the man a lot of attention, happy gaming to all enjoy 👌🏽

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