Cyberpunk 2077 Is FINALLY Worth Your Time

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9 hours hands-on with Cyberpunk’s 1.5 patch, this feels like a whole new game. #cyberpunk #cyberpunk2077 For more awesome …


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  1. although the game is now good I hope no one defends CD or this game for what they did let alone praise them for "listening to the community and criticism" all they have done is gave us the game we were promised from the start, that doesn't deserve praise or appreciation its common fucking decency.

  2. Is it worth playing on original Xbox One? When I look at it in the Xbox marketplace there's still that performance issue warning on last gen systems as a headline.

  3. I played it with the new patch for the first time. I am now 10 hours in the game and i haven't seen one single bug in it.

  4. Started playing this on Ps4 Pro after the patch, looks and plays much better then the mess I experienced when I first played it for an hour or so last year. I have put 6-7 hours in a day all week and I do find the open world quite fascinating

  5. This was the upgrade I was waiting for. Haven’t touched the game at all as I was waiting for the ps5 version to come out. I’ll play it now at some point after horizon forbidden west

  6. On My pc i did not have those bugs, but a save File did not work so i was thrown back some hours in the game.
    Thats why i dont want to play it any more

  7. I played it on PS5 and stopped 30h into the game after it was released. Now decided to go back to it and can say one thing. The game is a mazing. It’s generally fixed, it’s improved on so many levels, it’s enjoyable and in my opinion it’s one of the best games in recent years and history. If there will be more content, DLS’s it will only get better. Finally I love this game like I wanted in 2021. And going back to Night City is pure gamer’s pleasure.

  8. I heard that the three lifestyle where messed up when the game officially came out, is this fixed or is it still messed up.

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