Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Major Changes in the 1.5 Patch Update

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Cyberpunk 2077 launched the 1.5 patch update as a surprise on February 15th and there are some massive changes implemented to the game including free DLC content, gameplay balances, new driving mechanics and more. Here are the five major changes to Cyberpunk 2077 in the 1.5 patch notes.

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  1. Still a long way away from being ready to give them money for dlc that will probably be content that was promised on release.

  2. I've recently started playing and are loving it. . As of 1.5, I'm getting 40 fps in 4k on an old system with 7 year old video card, admittedly with some resolution scaling.. I've experienced some awesome action scenes so far ..

  3. just played the consoles demo on the Series X. This game still feels unfinished, didn't experience any significant bugs.. but it's so unpolished.

  4. Love the update. The performance upgrade is very very nice, feels like a whole new game tbh in terms of visuals. But still feels like a beta version of what was promised mechanics wise.

  5. This game came out in December 2020. It took them this long for an insignificant update like this. Nobody will return to the game for these features. Nobody will buy the game for these features.

  6. 作為一位經過全部結局,遊玩時數200小時的玩家而言,最後只有無奈與遺憾。但我想至少2.0版本可以再回去體驗一次看看。此外我很期待它之後的太空賭場DLC

  7. Let's be real, the game is still completely broken on PS4 and PS4 Pro – the devs should have just given up on this rather than continuously giving false promises

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