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  1. Is this going to create more boring AF grinds like the joke raids, and none adventurous boring AF adventure mode, or the fun killing battlepass grinds?

  2. I wish ya can make a Legendary heavy cabine with 12 energy points not 11and with At least 15,000 of tonaged with 20,000 of máss lol in another update

  3. As strong as it seems it wouldn't be a crazy strong combo, scorpions without nova shield and no chameleon will suffer severely, so much so that it might need to completely change the style you use them like rather than long range fight against other scorpions you would need to dog it out and rush which it's the exact opposite of how you'd like to play scorpions now on the other hand ever since parser got their last nerf that nearly killed it, destructors have seen a massive rise in popularity and these two are categories of guns that you absolutely do not wanna see shooting fast at all ,so before testing out scorps I'm definitely checking out those instead, it's also worth mentioning this cabin will be 100% meta on levis since you aren't required to be close like the echo, it might make ranged hover levys ridiculously strong

  4. yay. I get a chance to spend my own money jusy to purchase a battle pass that includes some of the worst, yet most Meta looking, items I’ve ever seen.

    As for thag cabin.. hate it already

  5. Hey there!

    Can you guys fix the rampant packet loss issues with your game?

    It has basically rendered the game unplayable for me for the last month or so, these issues started about September last year (2021). If this continues I don't think I will be able to play this anymore and that means I won't be buying any more Battlepasses or Car Packs.

    Please fix your game!!!

  6. I like the new arena mode probably the best bit of this new season, i usually play solo and do not play clanwars so this is a good addition for me, I hope they make it a mode that comes back from time to time during a season with temporary rewards


  8. First of, good job for doing a stream on your own. Bloggers with donation alerts is a cringe.
    Secondly, no construction parts? Are you this lazy now?

  9. So an autocannon that is a slow firing mg? CK? When you said you are not a pro player, you can believe me, it's obvious that you dudes are not pro players 😂 You are money hungry capitalists… that's all 😐

  10. that comu manager dont even play the game serious got to say it he just say nothing importan we ave 1 energy fast reaload missile that do 0 damage but make ppl tay visible
    or capkan

  11. Didn't they said in the future battlepasses we will get exciting things and new things and more building parts? There are no new building parts+ we get blueprints for things that already exist in the game sorry but that is absolutely stupid it's like building a car for PvP but u have to pay to use it…..

  12. Nerf Scrorps. They are already way too good. Now people are just going to make builds to break the reload, further ruining game balance.

  13. Humpack ck 👍
    Purlpe rocket 👍
    Legendary 😩
    Stiker 😢
    Blueprint 👍
    New structure 🙈
    Relique …

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