Crossout Show: Baron Harpoonsen

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Riders of the Apocalypse! We welcome you beneath the dome of Youtube, to our new weekly Show, made so that you – the Waste’s best mechanics and riders can win the Prize! New episodes every Friday! Anyone willing to submit a video, must send a letter to [email protected] containing the link to your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the Prize should your video win!

In this episode:

• Not Just For Show
• Quick One-Two
• Lasertag, Wasteland Style
• Baron Harpoonsen

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  1. Hey there!

    Can you guys fix the rampant packet loss issues with your game?

    It has basically rendered the game unplayable for me for the last month or so, these issues started about September last year (2021). If this continues I don't think I will be able to play this anymore and that means I won't be buying any more Battlepasses or Car Packs.

    Please fix your game!!!

  2. More Grindy more Pay to Win less reward for Skill. And worst Matchmaking ever. That is the way it was for Years. And it will be like this forever. They dont care for the Players as Humans they just whant Ther Money.

  3. Can you guys please buff the cerberus a little bit, because it is honestly is disappointing for such a nice looking cabin. Maybe by buffing the cabin durability or buffing the melee weapon that it has.

  4. 0:40 pivasix saw a ram build and decided he was going to do a backflip onto an enemy player, like in the movies. killerMachine1, pc

  5. Hey Crossout there is a thing you know. You do more and more relic weapons,that's not so good. Please do more epic or special

  6. A couple weeks ago I was playing Crossout and I hit my teammate and flew in the air and shot 2 of my cannons and the cannon shots flew and hit 2 enemy's and killed both of them. bfunklmaaoo

  7. Will we have cross-play between xbox and ps4? Or maybe even with pc? Or just a cross-play market would help so much speeding up the market sales.

  8. 0:50 pivasix looks like me just trying to hold the offensive line, and accidentally pancaking their running back. 😂😂😂

  9. also i was thinking wouln´t it be cool to add ravager parts to the bots like cosmetics such as the eye or the ravager spray?

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