Crossout – Launch Trailer | PS5

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Post-apocalyptic vehicular combat online game Crossout gets a native PlayStation 5 version.
It supports 60 fps at 4K resolution, and features sophisticated haptic feedback with DualSense controller. You can feel the difference between firing various weapons and enemy hitting you, explosions, collisions, whether your car is hovering above the ground or trudging through the water etc. Intensity of each kind of vibration can be tweaked individually to your liking or turned off.


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  1. Tapping human senses though video gaming: Hearing, Sight and TOUCH…… in the future…Smell and probably taste as well,

  2. Wow, sounds like these devs really went all out with DualSense integration, hats off, the pinwheel at the end made me laugh too. I'll definitely be downloading this tonight.

  3. i'd never heard of this game but i really respect the amount of work they have done to doll it up and add dualsense features in a meaningful way

  4. Is it normal when downloading ps5 version it shows that its downloading ps4 version ?
    EDIT: Its not normal, i had to go deeper into the store to find it

  5. Finally!!!More games need to do the same.

  6. Nice looking update! Unfortunately nobody owns a PS5. So when do you guys plan to implement the cross save feature? Since I've seen how my new PC handles the game, it's hard to return to PS4. And I don't wanna lose all my progress.

  7. Playstation, if you're listening. Get these guys to revive Motorstorm and mix that with this.

  8. To be honest, the adaptive triggers are absolutely useless in multiplayer games, why would you want to make it after to pull the trigger… I’ve turned it off for every multiplayer game I’ve played, neat feature, but a hinderance in actuality.

  9. What happened to that car battle royale where you were able to play with a friend? Not sure what it was from…h1z1 car royale maybe?

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